19/8/2016: Well it has been well over a week now since I last wrote a blog, trust me I didn't expect it to be this long. A lot of stuff has been going on at work, and my friend Sharee had brain surgery last week so I have been seeing her as much as possible. Tamagotchi wise things have changed a lot since I last wrote. I want to try and keep things organized, but I know that isn't going to happen. I can't wait to get back into a normal routine with my blogs again.... This once a week thing just aint workin for me. :P So many Tamas, so little time.

If you read my Mothra blogs you will know that my moth passed away at the age of 19 last Thursday. Details and animations can be found over on that page.

Next departure happened on the 16th, Otonoten on my US Angel passed away at age 11. Yes my Oyajitenshi changed into the secret character and lived a good life up until his departure. He died a good death....! I restarted my Angel this afternoon and once again will try for Taraten!

Next up was my TamaOtch who yet again became Tabatchi, the smoking character. He passed away at age 12 on the 17th! I put TamaO back in it's respective packaging for the time being just because things are so busy and I didn't get to give it the care I wanted to this time around.

My DigiMon had been the unhealthy teen character! I got the Betamon for the first time ever! Well I thought this would guarantee me a new character, but I ended up with Darkmon again. That is alright tho, as I have only had him once before. He is 10 years of age and sleeping at the moment. Not sure if he can change into a secret character or not.... Ah well! Matt raised a DigiMon with me and his passed away yesterday at age 9. We had been battling them but his poor Numemon lost 95% of the time. Darkmon holds a 75% victories percentage so I guess he will live out his life a champion. :)

Mimitchi has aged quite a bit since the last time I wrote. He is 20 years old today and he got sick yesterday. I say he has about 4-5 days worth of time left without pausing. But with the way things have been I think I am gonna pause him a bit. In fact I paused him for the entire work day today. I wanna keep him around till maybe the end of next week and then bring him back in time for the first full week of September which I am going to be off work. :)

Ughhhhh this feels like the most disorganized blog ever. I am only running three Tamas now. I hatched my Angel after I got home from work today and I am neglecting Maruten big time. Gotta get Takoten and then try my best to get Taraten. Once I get Smiling Angel I will have gotten all the characters on Angel except for the lucky poo which I definitely wanna get. I may hatch my Japanese Angelgotch at somepoint this weekend and see what happens. :)

So I basically have nothing to talk about Tamagotchi wise. Life has been crazy lately.... I am managing my anxiety to the best that I can, but it's really hard some days. One may think I am drifting away from this site, but I have no intentions of that happening anytime soon. No way. I plan to be hatching Osutchi & Mesutchi again very soon, probably the middle of September I say if all goes well. There are so many characters I have not gotten on those Tamas yet, and I absolutely adored running them back in April-June.

What else.... OH yeah! I got my Japanese Umino Tamagotch in the mail this week, the clear purple one that came with a hard Japanese Tama case. It is GORGEOUS looking! And I tested it and it works perfect. No problems with the screws being stripped or any battery leakage. I would have loved to have raised the clear white Umino I have and done the blogs a couple of weeks back, but that will have to wait for now. Things are just too hectic to focus on an Ocean right now. When I raise one I have to know I am gonna be able to give it my all and get it to adulthood.

That sums up this blog. I hope it won't be as long until I post my next one. The time really does fly by without my knowing.. I was over hanging out at Matts place all evening. He and Adam are going camping tomorrow so I am gonna bring them to the campsite around 9-10am tomorrow morning. Then I will drive back into town and gonna go to a foundry with my Mom and some other family members. Gonna see how sculptures are made and fired in a kiln! Should be interesting... I'm gonna bring Mimitchi!

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