9/8/2016: Well I'm back to working full days again now since Monday and I gotta say I am really missing last week. I had such a good week off and I can't say I am the happiest camper right now.... I had such low anxiety last week and now I feel it going right back up again. Ugh...

On Sunday night Ocean passed away at age 6.  I was stopped at a red light and the polar bear attacked him. I was tapping on the side of the shell like I always have with success, but for the first time ever my little fish got clobbered by the bear! :( He dissapeared off the screen with my little one and I waitied for him to reappear. Taiyakitchi came sliding back onto the screen very slowly, a sick look on his little face, and then the death beeps began. I was actually in shock! Like I could understand if I missed the polar bear attacking, but I was tapping the side of the screen!! There was no reason he couldn't be saved. I found that he got attacked a lot that afternoon and it seemed to become harder to scare the bear off each time. Maybe as they get older they get harder to scare away? This is only my third Ocean so there is still much to learn about it. I will hopefully get Taiyakitchi again someday.... I have decided not to restart my Ocean right yet.

I did however decide to hatch another Tama shortly after Ocean passed, and I hatched my white US Angel Tama. I decided I would try for Taraten and get the US secret character, Smiling Angel. Well I  had full intentions of getting Taraten, but I messed up and got Oyajitenshi. I have had him before and gotten the secret character Otonoten as well, but it's alright. I am basically happy with anything besides Kuriten. :P I accidentally aged my Angel a day so he is 4 instead of 3. Sometimes I like to cheat... Hehehe!

My TamaOtch has changed twice since I hatched it on Friday! He changed first into a Mochmotchi, that little triangular character with arms and legs. I have always found him really cute! He stayed like that for about 24 hours and then changed again to become Kakuretchi, that guy that stands half on and off the screen. This is also the chracter that wakes up at 7AM, which is no problem as I am up at 7:00 for work. Just glad I didn't get this guy on a weekend hehe. Anyways Kakuretchi is 4 years of age, weighing 45 units. I expect him to change again at somepoint, I just don't know when.

I updated my Mothra Tamagotch blogs last night and wrote of how he was sick. Well he got sick again today at age 17 and he is quite needy now compared to what he was a few days ago. I don't expect him to stay around for much longer.... I need to remember to make an animation of the death screen this time when he departs. I have been enjoying Mothra a lot more this time. :) Will definitely be raising more in the future!

Today I got a new DigiMon in the mail, a brown/black one so I decided to start it up at 6:26pm. I managed to convince Matthew to hatch one with me so I'll have someone to battle with. :) Here's hoping for a new character this time. I really would love the one that ranks below Greymon, Tyranamon I think his name is? I think I spelled it wrong... Anyways I would really love to get that guy! He changed into a Koromon at 7:39 and is sleeping soundly now. :) I think Matt will most likely end up with Numemon again, but hey he might surprise me. ;)

Last but not least we have sweet little Mimitchi who is the young age of 10 today! Very easy to care for and still has lots of time left here with me. :) I am gonna have to make sure that he is around for my week off in September as it just didn't feel right having him absent for the majority of my week off last week.... Oh well I am just glad to have him back. He has been great company at work the past two days, as well as the rest of my Tamas of course.

Well it is 9:51 now and soon time to get ready for bed. Oh I almost forgot to mention! Today marks the one year anniversary that I hatched my first Mimitchi! I remember that day well. Now mind you it wasn't my first Mimitchi, but it was my first Mimitchi on that little yellow/blue Tama which ended up having a long line of Mimitchi's after it. It was that one Tama that made me decide to start a list of my characters like Kat did, and within a few months I was writing blogs and had a website. I started this entire website on a whim and I am so delighted I did. :) Just another monumental day in Tamagotchi history for me - August 9, 2016!

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