5/8/2016: This week has been one of the most relaxing and enjoyable I have had in such a long time. It is amazing what a weeks vacation can do for a person, and hey I still have Saturday and Sunday left off before I gotta go back to work Monday. :) I will be sad to have to go back so soon as I feel like the week just flew by, but it has been so nice.  And I will have another full week off in September. :)

First things first! I got Mimitchi back yesterday and boy was I happy to see him. Myself and Mom were on our way up to Laura and John's when he began changing. I sat in the passenger seat of my truck, looking down at him as his screen filled in until it was black. When it cleared and I saw Mimitchi I was just so happy! It made my night even better and I was able to enjoy the evening without worrying if he was gonna change into someone else. I really do worry the day that I know he is going to change because I would seriously freak if I got someone besides my Mimitchi! :P

So this week was not only relaxing, but it also allowed me to truly enjoy raising Ocean, a Tama who I have raised twice before this, but didn't really get to enjoy the full experience because I was busy at work and wrapped up in taking notes and making animations. This time I was able to really enjoy the experience without having to worry about taking notes and such. So I got the healthy teen character again this time, Otototchi, whom is very sweet and cute. Things definitely get easier once Ocean changes into the teenage stage. I decided this time to only fill the discipline to 8 lines, neglecting all other calls for discipline after that. I really thought that I would get the clam character. In fact I was convinced that I would, but today as I was walking through the toothpaste aisle at Lawtons Drug store, he changed into Taiyakitchi, the character I got on my first hatched Ocean in June. I gotta say I wasn't all that disappointed because this character is really cute and sweet and I can try for the clam character next time. I am just happy that I managed to get an adult again. Tama Ocean is definitely the hardest Tama I have ever raised, but I really love it. I don't think I could ever handle more than one Ocean at a time, but who knows, maybe someday I'll raise two at once. ;)  Taiyakitchi is 4 years of age and weighs a minimum weight of 8 units. Tiny little fellow he is! He ranks second on the growth chart.

Late this morning I was sitting around in my room watching re-runs of Friends when I decided it was time I hatch another Tama, and so I took my one and only Nakamura TamaOtch out of its package and started it up. The first two times I raised this Tama I hatched it from the white (middle egg). This time I decided I would hatch the egg with a stripe down the center (the one farther to the left). He hatched into an Ashitchi like he did the other two times I raised him and he went to bed tonight at 8:10. :P I really don't get the randomness of the sleep times, but hey I wanna learn more about this Tama and hopefully get some new characters. :) More to come in the next blog about how I make out with this little one.

My sad news for the day is that Hashizotchi passed away at 13. :( I was sad because I was out of the room when he departed, and I didn't even hear him beeping from the kitchen. I came back in and looked at my Tamas all laid out on my bed, to see the sight of the floppy space ship on my clear light blue P2. I truly do love that little Hashizotchi... I just wish he could have stuck around longer....

So I am running a steady group of 4 Tamas at the moment, and I know that Ocean won't be around for very long as my last two didn't live all that long. I still have Mothra Tama going which I will update on over on that blog page. I have plans to hatch Osutchi and Mesutchi again very soon, probly in September. :) I might do another run with Ocean after it departs, but I gotta see how the work week pans out next week. So many Tamas and so little time as I have said many times before... ;)

Mimitchi and I are here playing Animal Crossing and updating those blogs. I am so in love with this game. I prop Mimitchi up on my chest so he can watch as I play! Yes I am just that in love with my Tamagotchi that I will pretty much include them in everything I do. I am weird, but I am happy. :)

Well I think that will be all for tonight. I am gonna finish up a couple of things here online and then turn into bed for the night. Probably watch something as I fall asleep. Gonna tuck Mimitchi into his futon and get a good nights rest so I can enjoy the rest of my holidays. :)

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