2/8/2016: It hasn't been that long since I last wrote here. For a while I was only writing once a week, or that is what it felt like at least. I have this week off from work so it's been a catch up of sorts with getting stuff done around the house, and also getting my own personal hobbies in order. I still have to get my stuff organized for my Animal Crossing Blogs. :) Anyways, Tamagotchi!

Sad news first. Nyatchi passed away at age 18 on the morning of the 1st. In fact it was just 20 or so minutes after he woke up at 9am and he gave in and died. Poor sweet Nyatchi...! I was eating my breakfast and watched as he beeped his final beeps and then flatlined as he laid an egg. I will definitely miss him! I put the tab back in my Japanese Tama for now, but I will be hatching it again soon when I try for the Japanese secret character once again.

My Tonmarutchi grew legs this morning to become a Tongaritchi, and he is doing very well at 50% discipline. Can't wait to have my little Mimitchi back with me again. I am going to stay up a little later this evening so I can get him back faster. When you gotta cheat, you gotta cheat. ;)

Hashizotchi is 10 years old today and getting rather on the demanding side now. I fear his departure in the next day or two. He just went to bed at 10pm so he is safe for the night... But I really don't see him making it through tomorrow unless I pause him. Poor Hashi... Never has a chance to really live life.

After some careful thought I have decided to raise Ocean again! Now I had full intentions of hatching my Japanese Umino, and actually did last week only to find out my beautiful clear white and blue Umino was a defect. :( He hatched from the egg, I fed him a couple of meals and then for no reason just went completely defunct on me. There were pixels all over the screen, it made weird noises. I was soooo upset. The following night I went on eBay and purchased another Umino, a clear purple one this time. I will get to writing the Japanese blogs once I get my japanese one, in which I will also be getting another clear Japanese case - the seller included it in the auction which is half the reason I was so quick to snatch it up. For now I have decided to raise another US Ocean. From what I can see the US and Japanese versions are pretty much identicle, but I still wanna do my own comparison. :) My little Kuragetchi seems to be doing just fine so far, getting attacked from time to time. He did get sick a lot on Tuesday which worries me a lot.... That octopuss is something else tho! Pops up when I least expect it and dirties the water up on me. :P I really love Ocean. This is my third time raising it since July and I am really enjoying it. I am raising my white/waves design one. :) I will be happy with any adult honestly, but I really wouldn't be surprised if I wake up tomorrow and he dies on me. Just something about the amount he got sick today just isn't sitting right with me.....

Monday night was fun. Myself and Mom just had some dinner at home and then I headed over to Matts for a bit because he had left his wallet in my car. I hung out with him for a bit and then Mom called and said that Sharon and Sharee were on their way down and they were all gonna go out for a drive. I decided to head home and meet them and went along for the ride. We went to Dairy Queen and got ice cream. I had Tonmarutchi out with me the whole time and he got sick along the way. :) It was nice to get out for a drive and be the passenger for a change. We were gone for well over an hour and by the time we got home it was soon time for bed.

Tonight we went to Montannas for dinner which wasn't all that great.  The chicken tacos didn't agree with me all that well.... And normally I love them! We went and visited Sharon and Sharee for a bit after that, and then came home and finished the rest of my bedroom setup. OH YES! I forgot to mention I got a new bedroom set, and the bed is SOOOO comfy! I am sitting in it right now as I type this. I am in heaven with this bed. It is so high up and comfy. My old bed was not so great... heh. I am really fortunate to have such an amazing Mom who would buy me a whole new bedroom. <3

Well this shall be all I have for now, but I know I will come back and update if I get an adult on Ocean. I really feel like it will be a miracle if I get into the teen stage tomorrow. Updates to come!

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