31/7/2016: I have finally made it to the weekend and it is about time. :) I am now on a weeks vacation away from work and I am so releived. Surprisingly enough I didn't sleep in on my first day off (Saturday) and was out of bed at 8am. That wasn't planned or expected seeing how I've been exhausted from work and anxiety lately, but hey it worked out that way so I made the most of my first day off. Really a lot has gone on!

First off Matt, Adam and Dave have moved house! I wasn't around to help with much of the move, but the last two days I drove some boxes from the old place over to the new place for them. It was the least I could do since I was working, and even if I wasn't, I wouldn't have been much help in the lifting department as I am 112 pounds soaking wet. :P Anyways I think they are finally moved in and now they just have to unpack and organize everything. I really like the new place a lot better. I think it is going to be really cozy and warm in the winter!

Tamagotchi wise things have definitely been happening! I have been busy updating Mothra Blog 2 and I have a new adult character this time. :) Starting to enjoy this Tama more and more all the time which I am happy for because I wasn't so fond of it at first. For more on that go to Mothra Blogs 2!

I succeeded once again in getting Hashizotchi on my clear light blue P2! He changed into his adult self on Thursday morning. :) It is great to have him back again! Love him lots! He is doing well at the age of 8, hardly ever needing anything beyond the normal meal and game playing. He did get sick this afternoon but has been a healthy little Tama otherwise!

Nyatchi the cat (that is is full name apparently) is very much on the needy side of life. At 17 years of age he empties all of his hearts in about 15 minutes. I would say he will live about the same length of time as a Ginjirotchi/Pochitchi seeing how they all rank the same on the growth chart. Sad part is that I have had Ginji's leave me as young as 17 so he could die today. :( I'll definitely miss him.... I have really enjoyed having him here.

The last Tama I have to talk about is none other than Mimitchi. He had been demanding over the past couple of days, and I hadn't paused him at all so it came as no surprise when he passed away this afternoon. It was just shortly before 2pm and I was helping Matt move more stuff from the old house over to the new one. I had just finished feeding him and left the room for a moment. I went outside to get something from the car and when I came back a few minutes later he had departed. I missed his departure... But at least he left full and happy. :) I restarted him again right away and will once again bring him back. August 9 will mark my one year anniversary raising the yellow/blue Tama so I definitely will have him back for that. I gotta say that I am bummed that he died on just the second day of my week off, but I will do my best to get him back as fast as possible. My Tonmarutchi is full and happy with 25% discipline. :) It won't be long until sweet little Mimitchi is back again.

Now that I covered all my Tamas I can talk about what's been going on this week. Well I have still been dealing with my panic attacks. I tell you this month has just been one giant panic attack.... Ugh... But things have started looking up a little since Wednesday night. I took a really bad attack after work that day but then I came out of it and I have been getting better with each day. My appetite has come back and I am able to go out and enjoy myself a little without worrying about breaking down with a panic/nausea attack. In fact Thursday night was the first night I actually felt OK and was able to go up to Laura's that night with Mom. That was a pretty fun night because Laura was babysitting her friends little girl, so I got to see Donald playing with a girl for the first time. I have only seen him play with other little boys, so this was really sweet to see him with a girl. :) Got home from there around 10pm and got to bed shortly after since I had work the next day. I went to bed that night feeling wonderful since I didn't have any anxiety and the next day was my last day of work for an entire week.

Friday I just hung out with Matt, Adam and Dave after I got off work. We ordered pizza and moved some boxes. We went on a small Pokemon drive to get some items at some stops close by and then I went home for the night.

Saturday was the busy day! Got up early, had breakfast with my Mom, aunt Eileen and their friend Pam. My Mom had made homemade french toast and it had been soooo long since I had it. It was so good! After that I got a quick shower, got my Tamas organized and left for Matts place. We started putting boxes into my truck pretty much immediately and brought them over to the new house. We did two trips and by that time it was 12:00, lunch time. We heated up leftover pizza from the night before (can't beat it) and then I went in Matts room for a bit and just relaxed and cared for Tamas. Before I knew it I was asleep! LOL! But I only napped for an hour and was awoken by my demanding Mimitchi and Nyatchi beeping at me. It was a good power nap that gave me the energy to get on the go for our Pokemon Adventure at the park that afternoon. I guess you could call it a Pokemon Convention? We got to the park around 4pm and the skies were overcast. I had my four Tamas tucked away in my satchel bag and I decided I would just check in on them whenever they needed me.

So we were good to go, had our dollar day drinks from McDonalds that Matt bought us and we started walking. We all caught a good few Pokemon right off the bat since people had lures setup at all the different Poke Stops along the way. By the way if you haven't played Pokemon Go on your phone you probably won't have a clue what I am talking about, so feel free to just skip this if you are bored. :P

We walked a good 15 minutes and were stopped at a hot spot catching some critters when I felt a drop of rain. The skies had gotten dark pretty quick so I had a feeling it was gonna rain. We all felt a few more drops and within a matter of seconds it POURED! Matt had an umbrella but even that wasn't enough to keep me sheilded from the rain. My only concern was my Tamas at this point. They were tucked away in my bag safely, but mind you it is a clothe bag with no water proofing so I was worried. I clutched that bag so close to my body that I feel like people might have thought I had drugs on me. :P I wasn't having my Tamas getting wet. The rain didn't feel like it was going to end any time soon so we just waited it out under the umbrella, standing next to a big tree. I wanted to check on Mimitchi since I knew for sure he was gonna be beeping, but it was too much of a risk of getting him soaked with the rain, so I left him in there.

We walked from one tree to another thinking that we might get better shelter, but to no avail. A good 20 mins later I was completely drenched, but I really didn't mind. As long as my Tamas were safe I didn't care! The guys were all worried about their phones getting ruined and I laughed and said I didn't care what happened to my iPone so long as my Tamas survived. We eventually found a bridge that we huddled under and I was able to check my Tamas. Poor Mimitchi was completely empty on everything and had a poop next to him. I quickly fed and played with him and the others and put them right back in my bag where they would be safe. Looking back on it now I am really glad that I had Mimitchi there with me. I am glad that he got to experience this with me. :)

We made it out of the park after the rain let up a little bit. We really expected that we would have done a lot more walking and catching of Pokemon, but mother nature had other plans I guess. ;) I was happy to get back to the truck, and just as we did the sun started to come out. Hehehe... It was an adventure either way though.

Today was spent moving some last things from Matts and the boys place. I am looking forward to the coming week being off work. But man.... I really hope that August is better than July has been.  I have just been in a total funk. :( I am trying so hard to get out of it, but like I have said before, you can't just tell a person with anxiety to snap out of it and they be cured. It's so not that simple. I want to be living a productive life.... But I just can't... SIgh... I feel so trapped... One minute I feel great and the next I am panicking..

Anyways I think I am gonna end this here before I start whining even more. Tomorrow should be a good one since I will be getting my room ready for my new bedroom set that is going to arrive on Tuesday. :) I shall be writing these Tama blogs from a much more comfy bedroom. Until then.....!

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