26/7/2016: Blog 110! How fast has the time been going at all? I have been busy working away this week but thankfully I have some time off coming my way. I will have all of next week off from work and I am gonna breathe a big sigh of releif when I can finally relax. This month has not been the greatest at all, but hopefully August will be better. Just one of those months....

First off Mimitchi is getting more on the demanding side at 17. I say he will be sick again tomorrow or the next day... And then he will be needy for my week off. Oh well. I may just pause him a bit so that he can be around for some of next week. Can't have my little guy leaving me on my week off! :)

Nyatchi (blue/black Tama) is also getting a little on the demanding side at age 12. I must say I am really glad I got this guy, he is soooo cute! Much cuter than Pochitchi, but not as cute as Ginji. ;) So a very decent character overall. I still need to get the Japanese secret character for series 1 and 2 so I will be hatching this Tama again at somepoint after he leaves. I hope that won't be a for a while yet tho!

Sadly my sweet Minotchi passed away on Morino Tamagotch yesterday. I don't recall the age but I beleive it was somewhere around age 7? I can't be sure because it doesn't display the age on the death screen, and having it go into the cocoon two times really messed with my mind! I am going to hold off on raising another Morino for the time being, but you can be sure I am not finished with this Tama yet. I still have more characters I have to get on this one. :)

Oh yes I hatched another Tama on Sunday - clear light blue with siliver buttons! I want to get Hashizotchi again since I felt our time together just wasn't enough the first time I got him. I think I am on a good path to getting him as well because I got Hashitamatchi, the beaked character this afternoon while I was working and I have been taking perfect care of him ever since. I reallllyyyy hope I get him back again because he was really cute and fun to have around. Definitely one of my other faves on the P2. :)

I have been updating my Mothra Blogs 2 with more of my adventures with that Tama. I feel like I am really starting to warm up to it! I wasn't so fond of it the first time I raised it, but now it is really growing on me. :) More about my little grub over on those blogs.

I have been humming over the thought of taking another try at Oceangotchi, and this time I would raise my Japanese version and see if there are any differences compared to that of the US version. I have a gorgeous clear white Umino Tamagotch with blue and white designs on the shell so you may see more new blogs surface on my Ocean page sooner than later. ;) Gotta decide if I wanna dedicate my week off to Ocean or not, but what else am I gonna do? I live for my Tamas lately and I don't feel one bit ashamed about it! Who couldn't love Tamas anyway?

Come to think of it I really have no plans for my week off except to hang with the family, and of course I'll hang out with Matt and Adam a good bit.  They don't think twice about my Tamas anymore, and we have been doing a lot of Pokemon hunting when we hang out. Speaking of which.... I need to go to the park and find more! Mimitchi and I have some serious catching to do!!

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