22/7/2016: Well I am only posting my blog from the 19th now because I was still adding stuff to it. I figured I would wait until this blog to talk about the changes that have happened with my four Tamas, and beleive it or not there is actually a lot that has happened. :) Yesterday at work wasn't so great... But then at the same time I got some peace of mind... But it was still kinda sad... Better not to talk about work stuff here on my blog tho.

Anyways like I said a lot has hapepned and for the first time ever I am completely behind on my updates. I still have yet to update the Mothra page and that Tama has changed once again so I need to make an animation. I guess I am not all that enthusiastic about Mothra Tama. It is a nice Tama, but for some reason my heart just wasn't in it like past incarnations. I will get around to updating at some point. Just gotta make the time for it that's all. :)

Mimitchi is 13 years old today. He got sick last night while I was out with Matt and Adam, but other than that he has been easy to care for. I feel like a rotten caretaker this week just because I have been so busy with work and stuff... I try my best to care for all of them but it's just hard sometimes at work.

I have had two very awesome changes in the past two days; one yesterday and one this evening. I will start with yesterday first. :) Well my blue/black Japanese Tama had been sick the night before so I knew he would be changing the next morning. I was there at my desk working on some data entry and went to pick up my Japanese Tama to see a character I had never seen before! I got Nyatchi the cat. You get this character the same way that you would get Ginjirotchi/Pochitchi. For a time I thought that I would have to get Pochitchi first and then he would change into Nyatchi. Anyways I am really happy to have gotten him! He is a really cute little thing. I like him a lot better than Pochitchi, that is for sure. :) He is 8 years old tonight and doing quite well. I have made an animation of him below. Came out pretty good. :)

My next good news is Morino Tama! Oh yeah baby! I got yet another new character! But I gotta back things up a couple of days first because this Morino has been an advenutre. So he went into his cocoon on the 19th and I kept the meter in the cold side after I went to bed that night. When I woke up the next day, the meter had plunged completely into the cold side - there was no black line left. I didn't think much of it and let the meter stay in the heat side for the rest of the day, until it came out of it's cocoon on the 20th. Well that night of the 20th I was sitting in the TV room watching the news with my Mom when the moment of truth happened. I thought for sure I would get a new adult this time. I waited as the screen blacked out, and then it cleared.. to be.. Imotchi? Imotchi! He came out of the cocoon as the same character he went in as. I was completely caught off guard for this one. I just stared at him for a couple of seconds until the screen saver went on and then looked up. My Mom asked what was up and I was just like "Oh my Tamagotchi is doing something weird".  I was so puzzled, but I said I might as well just continue to care for the little guy and see what happens. I continued to get his weight up for the next 24 hours and I beleive I got it up to over 70mg by the time he went back in his cocoon again 24 hours later, last night. I kept the tempearture on the cold side again last night and surprisingly enough it stayed in the center all night. There is so much mystery to the cocoon stage... Sometimes the meter will go all the way to one side, and then others times it won't move much at all.  It is a very intriguing little Tama for sure. I kept the meter mostly centered all of today at work, letting it go into the hot side once and then the cold side once. Tonight at 6:11 he emerged from his cocoon to be a new adult character named Minotchi. :) He is so cute!!!!!!! His animation is very simple so I made one of him below, which I will also post on the Morino page.

So with everything that has been going on, it has still been a successful time for my Tamas. I am just here now relaxing in bed after a long week. I have my Tamas beside me and it is lovely. Another thing I must mention is I am falling more and more in love with Pokemon Go! I may take my Tamas with me and go hunting later on this evening..... Matt, Adam and I went to Bowring Park last night and caught a whole bunch of Pokemon. So cool! I really like it a lot. I know a lot of people on the Tama Facebook page love it too. :) More to come on this awesome game in the near future!

Well that is all I have for tonight. I had planned on making some animations but I am just too tired to be looking at the screen for that long. I will get to that in good time. :) And I will get back into my normal website maintainance with time as well. Good night all!

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