19/7/2016: It has only been four days since I last wrote a blog, but in that time much has gone both Tamagotchi wise and IRL. We have had family visiting from out of town so I have been spending as much time possible with them while they are here. They will be here till the end of this week so I will still get to see them a couple of more times. I can tell already that this will be a blog written over the course of the next few days simply because I want to write down the experience of everything that has gone on. I am still dealing with my anxiety each day, but there have also been a lot of good times since I last wrote here on Friday. I will get things up to date on my current running Tamas first and then talk about what has been going on. :)

Well first we shall start off with Tentotchi, my little Morino Tamagotch. He passed away on Saturday at the young age of 8. That seems to be a pretty average age for Morino Tama so no worries there. I hatched it again shortly after he departed and it's now into the cocoon stage. I got the weight up to 50mg again this time and I am undecided about whether or not I will keep the meter in the hot or cold side tonight... I guess I'll just wing it like I have all the other times before. ;)

The next death in my circle happened yesterday at work. Hashizotchi (clear light blue Tama) passed away at 12 years old. I actually paused him a bit over the weekend because I was busy with family and didn't want him to suffer. You know he actually got needy in his last couple of days? And I don't recall the Kutchipatchi ever getting needy like that before they died. Either way I miss him and I hope to get him again someday very soon.

I have Tongaritchi on my blue/black Japanese Tamagotch and he is 5 years old with 75% discipline. If all goes well I will get Nyatchi, the Pochitchi equivilant on the Series 2 Japanese P2! :) I have a feeling he will be getting sick early tomorrow and then change in the late evening. I am excited to see who I end up with. If I mess up and get Zukitchi, well it won't really be a mess up because I can just try for Japanese secret character. So whomever I get I will be happy with. :)

Mimitchi is doing very well at his young age of 10. Very easy and undemanding as he always is at this age. I have so enjoyed having him around for everything that has been going on, both the good and the bad times. He just adds to my enjoyment of everyday life. :)

Mothra Tamagotch is still alive and well at the age of 12. I have been very slack on updates to the Mothra blogs page but that is simply beacause there is not a whole lot to write about. I will update them this week, but really there is just not a whole lot to this Tama. To me it is even more basic than P1/P2, but that is just me.

So now that you are all up to date on my Tamas I will give you the scoop on what has been going on with myself and the fam jam over the past few days. Well a lot has gone on for sure. As I mentioned in my last blog, Friday night I hung out at Laura's with her, John, her sister Kim, her husband Scott and all the kids. It was a lot of fun! And it took my mind off my anxiety so much. We just hung out, had some drinks, had some laughs, played around with Donald and Zach. Was definitely a situation where you had to be there, and anyone who has a close knit family will know that. There is something special about relatives visiting from away.

On Saturday I don't recall what I did for the first part of the day because I slept in! I did go and hang out at Matts a good bit that day and we all went to the tilt bakery which is about a 20 minute drive or so out of town. I needed to get bread for the house. Adam has been playing Pokemon Go on his android phone so we watched him do that whenever we were stopped anywhere.

On Sunday I had plans to go and hang at Laura's again in the evening. We went up there around 5:30 and we were there till about midnight. What a great time that was! We had a BBQ for dinner, steaks, salad, potatos! It was a really gorgeous night out weather wise so we set off fire works later in the night. You had to be there to fully appreciate it. We drank wine, smoked cigarettes, had lots of laughs. It was just a memorable evening. :) Laura knows all about my anxiety so she was checking in with me every so often throughout the night to make sure I was ok.  God bless that woman!

On Monday I had to go back to work so that was fine. It was that night that I was really looking forward to because I was going for a night out downtown with Laura, John, Kim and Scott. We went up to Laura's (myself and my Mom) arond 6pm. Mom stayed at Laura's with Donald, Zach and Jonas and the rest of us got in a cab and headed downtown. We went to the Gypsy Tea Room for dinner and it was really nice. I had been there once before years back, but I enjoyed it way more this time. The food was good last time, but the company I had was WAYYY better this time. ;) Anyways we got down there around 7:30 and got seated right away because we had a reservation. Again you kinda had to be there to appreciate what I am saying when I talk about a night out with my family, because they are just the greatest people ever, and they have done so much for me. I am just beyond lucky to have such amazing people in my life. :)

We had dinner and then Laura and I snuck outside for a smoke. We did so much laughing that night it was so much fun. I will cheerish these memories forever, and we are still talking about the fun we had for days after. Hehehe I started this blog on the 19th and now it's the 20th. I could really just go on forever about how much fun we all had, but like I said you had to be there.

Tonight I went up to Laura's again with my Mom, and we won't be going up tomorrow because they are going to be gone out with some other family members. It's all good though. We got to see the Clunks one last time before they leave on Friday and I am delighted with how much I actually got to see them during their short trip home.

I will be writing another blog very soon because I have had more stuff happen with my Tamas as of today (Wednesday), but if I write about it now it will just be a big old jumbled mess. So I will wait till tomorrow or the next day to do another blog. This one is enough of a mess as it is. :P

It's funny because I never pause my Tamas, but this past week I have been doing a lot of pausing when I have been out with my family. Laura has always been very sweet about my Tamas, but I know that the others wouldn't understand them and why I collect and raise them, so I just chose to pause them at home when I went out with them over the past few days. I will get back into a normal Tama routine again soon. I have had them with me at work so no problems there. Sometimes it is just important to make time for other things as well. :)

Oh yeah and tonight Mom and I were chatting and she convinced me to download Pokemon Go for my iPhone! It looks pretty cool! I caught a Charmander as my first character! So cute!! I was just sitting there on my bed and caught him. I am excited to see what this game/app is all about and I will talk about it here in my Tama blogs. I don't say I will make a page about it as I don't think I have enough knowledge about the game itself. I also need to get back into Animal Crossing!!! So many things!!!!

Well it is after 11pm now and I have work again tomorrow. I got a doctors appointment tomorrow morning so I gotta leave work and go to that. Hopefully that will put my anxiety at ease a little... I have two really great doctors who have helped me a lot over the past three years. I just need to get more of a handle on things myself now. I always feel good when I go to see my doctors, but then a couple days later my anxiety seems to just fly back in at a minutes notice... Sigh.... I guess this is just something I am meant to have.... Maybe someday I will be able to help others who suffer from the same things that I do. Even if it wasn't a career and just a volunteer thing, I would love to do something like that someday.  I feel like I could really help people like me who suffer with this kind of anixety day in and day out.... Something to think about anyway.

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