12/7/2016: It has only been two days since I last wrote a blog but I have lots to talk about.  First off I am sick again. I got some kind of sinus cold and I have been randomly sneezing and all hazey... My stomach is still bad so nothing changed there... Ugh... the stress.. the anxiety... the panic attacks.. Anyways.. Tamagotchi.

My Mimitchi-To-Be grew legs this morning at age 3. I have been keeping him up at all times and taking perfect care in the hope that Mimitchi will be back by the weekend. I am not far from that happening either as he is now 75% disciplined. I really hope I don't mess up! I haven't failed in getting him back yet, but there is always a first time for everything. I will just give him my best and hope for Mimitchi. :)

I have another P2 going, my clear light blue with silver buttons Tama! And to my joy he became an adult yesterday! I finally managed to get Hashizotchi! After all this time I was finally successful in getting him. He is so cute!! And he actually reminds me a lot of Mimitchi with his feet and the way he plays the game. :) Sooooo adorable. I really love him! He is 6 years old and 27lb. He was actually sick just a little while ago but other than that has been easy and fun to care for. I hope he stays around for a while.

My other good news is that I got a new adult character on Morino Tamagotch! If you read my Morino blogs you will already know that, but I will write here what I wrote on that page:

I nearly burst out of my chair when my little one came out of his cocoon this afternoon. :) I decided to keep the temperature in the heat side for yesterday afternoon/early evening and then I put it to the cold side before I went to bed. When I got up this morning the temperature was mostly gone into the cold side, but not completely. I switched it over to the cold side as soon as I got out of bed and by lunch time it was at the center again. I kept it centered for the remainder of his time in the cocoon and shortly after lunch hour... It happened... I got another new character!!! Tentotchi is this little sweet hearts name. :)

I am so happy and this is by far the cutest character I have seen yet on Morino Tamagotch. I hope he lives for a long time! And this is the best character I have gotten yet as he ranks second on the chart. I am surprised at this because I actually let him get mauled by the frog when he was a potato grub. Oh well! Just another accomplishment in Tamagotchi history for me. :)

I am still updating my Mothra Tama blogs as things happen, but I honestly gotta say it is not as interesting a Tama as the other incarnations. To me it isn't even as enteratining as the original P1/P2 Tamas, and some people think Gen1/2 are pretty boring compared to the others. That is just my opinion though. I do like Mothra, but it just hasn't impressed me as much as say Angel or Morino. To me Mothra is kinda boring.. But I am going to keep the blogs going and see who I get for my first adult. Don't get me wrong he is reaallyyy cute! I thought DigiMon was boring at first too but then it grew on me, so we will see. :)

I anticipate hatching another Tama or two by the time the weekend rolls around. Now that I have gotten Hashizotchi, I have gotten all the P2 adults including secret character on the US P2. I have not gotten the P2 Japanese secret characters, and there are three of them if you count Nyatchi. SO I think the next Tama I hatch will be one of my P2 Japanese Tamas. Gotta get em' all! ;)

Hahahaha speaking of getting em' all, everyone is going stark raving mad over the new Pokemon GO app for smart phones. I never did get into the whole Pokemon craze, but I did play Pokemon Blue version back in the early 2000's on my GameBoy color. I never did finish the game out of lack of interest really. I gave into the craze cuz my friends loved it.  One game I do need to get back into is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I completely abadonded my town in May and haven't blogged at all in that section of my page. I am definitely gonna get back to that ASAP.

I guess I got into Tamagotchi long after the whole craze and fad was over. I don't regret that either because I love Tamas not because they are popular but because I absolutely love them. :) And I am sure anyone on the Tama pages would agree with me on that.

I am in a really weird funk these past couple of weeks.. I dunno what is going on but my body is just exhausted for no reason, my appetite has been off, and just an all around feeling of unwell.. I really hope it passes. So many of these blogs I have typed when I am in the midst of some kind of mental health crisis. Most of it revolves around my stomach fear of throwing up.  I have let it own my life completely and it is really hard to live any kind of a normal life with this disorder. I had a little bit of relief last night while I was busy working on my pages and making new animations, but all the anxiety came back with a vengance tonight. :( I just want my life back. :(

Anyways I think I have wrote enough for tonight. I am in hopes that I will be in much better spirits when I come and write my next blog post. And hopefully I'll have Mimitchi back by then too!

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