10/7/2016: I have reached the end of another weekend, and I can't say it was the best, but it also wasn't the worst. I've just been really tired since that bad panic attack I took on Thursday. It definitely took its toll on me.. I am trying my best to keep my spirits up, but that is easier said than done. It's like telling a depressed person to be happy. I can't just turn off my anxiety...!

Tamagotchi wise things have been pretty quiet, but today I lost Mimitchi. He was 24 years old and very demanding. I was actually with my Mom at her work planting flowers and he decided it was time to go while we were out on the deck overlooking the city. I watched as he departed and then hatched a new egg. Next month will mark one year that I have been raising this little yellow and blue Tama and I intend to keep his legacy going. I have a Tonmarutchi with 25% discipline, full and happy for the moment. Hopefully I will have no problems getting Mimitchi back this week!

On a better note I managed to get Hashitamatchi on my clear light blue P2 Tama! I have been taking perfect care of him and I am just waiting for one final discipline. I reallyyyy hope I can get Hashizotchi this time! I only have four Tamas total going right now so I feel like I will accomplish it this time. :)

Morino Tamagotch went into his cocoon early this afternoon and I beleive I had his weight up to 50 units before he went in. I would have liked to have gotten it a little higher but that is alright. I have kept the temperature in the center so far.. Haven't decided what regime I am going to use for the meter this time... Or if I will pause him before bed or just let him be through the night on either hot or cold. The last time I got ChobiTamatchi by letting the meter go into the hot side all night, and before that I got Gejitchi by letting the meter fall into the cold all night, so I don't know what to do this time. Should I just let it fall into the heat for the night and hope for someone different? Or pause... I am gonna think about it a little more..

I have started a new Tama that I have never raised before, Mothra no Tamagotch. I have made a page for it like I did with Morino, Osu Mesu, and Ocean. I hadn't planned on raising a new Tama for a while, but Friday afternoon I said why not. The page is still a bit of a mess as I slapped it together rather fast, but it's a cute Tama. Reminds me a lot of Morino Tamagotch only there is no predator and the buttons are more responsive. However, I think I still like Morino a lot better. ;) I will say that I have a Mothra Larva at 3 years of age and for more on him go and see my Mothra page.

Tonight I was chatting with Shawn and he reminded me that November of this year will mark the 20th anniversary of the launch of the original Tamagotchi. :) I can't believe that they have been around for this long!! I am definitely gonna want to get involved in some group hatchings for November! Shawn and I will definitely be doing our own little hatching on November 23. ;) Anyways I am just here watching Gilmore Girls with Mom. Tonmarutchi asked for another discipline so we are half way through the toddler stage. :)  I hope that everyone has a great work/school/whatever week!

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