7/7/2016: Well... Today has been a pretty rough day for me. I got up and ready for work this morning and was there at my usual time. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have been having mild to bad anxiety for the last week. I have been handling it to the best of my ability, but I guess today was more than I could take. I took one of the worst panic attacks I have had in a long time, in fact it was probably the worst I have ever taken because I ended up going to the hospital. Tracey rushed me there in her truck, and I was never so happy to see the inside of an emergency room. I really thought I was dying... :(

On our way out of the office I threw all my Tamas into my satchel bag and just went. Mimitchi was on pause so there was no issues there. My other Tamas didn't fare as well... I was in such a panic that I just forgot about them, so by the time I left the hospital they were all dead. ChobiTamatchi on my Morino Tamagotch was gone at age 6, Ginjirotenshi on Angel gone at age 7, and Metal Greymon, my loyal DigiMon, gone at 29.

I was sad to see them all go, but my health was more important today. I had blood work done at the hospital and that all came back fine. My blood pressure seems to be good. I also had x-rays done on my chest and stomach and they said that is all ok too. I was just releived that I was ok... :( I have been so worried about this stomach pain. I hope they didn't miss anything, but I guess I just have to put my trust in the health care system. I was out of the hospital by 11am but I didn't bother going back to work. I came right home and got in my pjs and got comfy in the TV room, where I slept for the entire afternoon. I really needed that rest.

When I got out of hospital and got in the car with my Mom, I decided to restart Morino Tamagotch. So I have a Babymotchi here with me now. I hope to raise another new adult character this time. I shall continue to experiment with his weight and using different variations of the temperature. Once I get enough characters on Morino, I may just put a little character page together. :) Been thinking about that a lot lately and I think it would be fun!

I also hatched a clear light blue P2 on my way into work this morning. I really want to get Hashizotchi and I think I am off to a good start at getting the beak because he was hatched and fully neglected until I got out of the hospital today. I have already caught one discipline and let him beep a lot so I am well on my way to getting the beak. If I can just manage to catch all his disciplines in the teen stage then I just might get Hashizotchi :)

Mimitchi is every bit of his 21 years of age today and very demanding. I paused him all afternoon while I napped but I have him up with me now. I fear his departure tomorrow.... I am just really glad that he didn't leave me today.  If he leaves tomorrow I will have the weekend to raise him again, but I really don't know when he will leave. Since I do pause him at times, I just don't know his true age. But I really didn't pause him a lot this time so I feel his age is rather accurate. We will see what the day brings I guess...

So I am down to raising three Tamas at the moment. Since the death of my poor Digi Metal Greymon, silence has set back into my Tama life again. I gotta say I do miss that guy tho... I have had him with me since June 7, the longest living Tama I have ever had. My Angel twins lived to be 50 but that was artificial with the pausing I did. 29 has been my record for the oldest living Tama without pausing and I am very proud of it. :) Another thing I might mention is the fact that I hatched my 99th Tama today. Morino Tamagotch is lucky 99, and I have a feeling who number 100 might be... ;) I can't beleive how far my list of characters has come! To think that my first Mimitchi was hatched almost a year ago on August 9 is just crazy. So many Tamas in such a short amount of time.... A year definitely can go by in a blink....

Anyways I thought I would just give an update on my week. I am glad that tomorrow is Friday and I hope that I can at least feel a bit better for the weekend. Myself and Mom went up to Lauras tonight for a visit with Donald so that took my mind off things. I may hatch more Tamas over the weekend.... Not sure yet. I wanna focus on getting Hashizotchi and hopefully a new adult on Morino Tama :)

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