4/7/2016: Happy belated Canada day to all my Canadian friends and Happy 4th of July to all my American friends for today. :) I thought I was going to be really busy this weekend, but my anxiety got the better of me again and I mostly stayed home except to see my friend Sharee the last two nights for an hour or so. Last night we went for a drive to Starbucks with her brother and his friend so that was nice and took my mind off things a little. I have also been face and eyes back into watching Gilmore Girls again with Mom and the Tamas so that has been fun too.  Other than that not a whole lot going on in my life. Tamagotchi is a different story, though and I have stuff to talk about in that area. :)

So I guess I'll jump right in starting with Mimitchi. My little one is 18 today and was sick just shortly after waking up this morning. He has been living his life out normally without pausing so 18 is his usual sickness, his second one. Without pausing he usually stays around another 4-5 days so I dunno what I am gonna do there... I hate when he leaves, but pausing just prolongs the inevitable. I will see what the work week is like once I go back tomorrow I guess..

In my last blog I spoke of several hatchings so lots to talk about there. Since I last wrote all three of those hatched Tamas have become adults. So I will start in with my white/gray P2, who I did get the unhealthy teen on, but sadly failed in getting Hashizotchi. I got Kusatchi who I do love and think is adorable so it wasn't all that bad. I had not seen Kusatchi in quite some time so it's alright. What a sickly character though.... he has been sick the last two days in a row, taking three doses of medication to get better each time. I know he doesn't have a long life in store for him. I paused him when I went out with Sharee last night because I didn't want him dying in the car on me.

Next is Angel Tamagotchi who I got the healthy teen on. Well when I saw that I had failed to neglect it as a Maruten, I knew damn well that I wasn't going to be getting kuriten, and I didn't. I neglected Kodoten just enough and got Ginji Angel, a character I have had before but absolutely adore. :) And having lost Ginji last week on my clear blue P1, this definitely seems fitting. :) Ginji is is 5 years of age and very easy to care for, hardly ever asking for praise or attention. I love him lots!

My last hatching of last week was Morino Tamagotch. Well I am happy to say that he went into the cocoon yesterday at the age of 3 and I had gotten his weight up to 54mg before this happened. I decided to try a little something different this time. I let the temperature fall into the cold side yesterday evening, and before I went to bed I put the temperature towards the hot side. When I woke this morning I picked up Mori and found that the meter had gone into the hot side, but it hadn't gone completely hot. After that I got out of bed and changed the meter back to cold, bringing the temeperature back down to the middle again where it stayed for the rest of the day. This afternoon I was over at Matts chiling out caring for Tamas and then that familiar Morino changing tune happened.... I looked down and waited and when the screen blacked out the second time, I saw a character I have yet to get....! His name is ChobiTamatchi! And he is really tiny and cute. Below is the image I made of him!

Funny thing is Kat has been raising a Morino Tamagotch as well and hers changed yesterday to be the same character. I haven't been chatting with her yet today but I know she will get a kick out of the fact that we got the same adult. He ranks pretty high on the growth chart so hey we did pretty good Kat. :)

The last Tama I have to talk about is my DigiMon, Metal Greymon. Things have taken a turn with this guy and overnight be became *really* needy. He is 26, and will be turning 27 later this evening as Digi's age according to the time of day they were hatched. He empties out all of his hunger hearts in less than ten minutes, though I haven't timed it exactly yet. His happy hearts don't empty out except one here and there every hour or to. I have deicded to keep his weight down by playing the game, which isn't too hard because I don't have to win. I am amazed at this little Digi because my last one died at 25, so why this one is still hanging on is a mystery. I don't know how long he will live. I took good care of my first Metal Greymon, if not better care than I am of this one, so why he is still here really puzzles me. Either way I plan to give him the best care I can and see how long he stick around. I think I am a better caretaker since my two Oceans so I will try and give Digi my best. :)

So those are my five Tamas that I am running at the time being. I have gotten new adults the last two times I ran Morino Tama so I think I will keep trying my luck after this one leaves. When I am on a roll I like to keep going. ;) I would have loved to keep going with Ocean, but I think I met my maximum caretaking with that Tama for a little while. I do love Ocean, but it definitely gets in the way of leading a normal day-to-day routine. I consider myself lucky to have raised two adults in a row and I will definitely try again in the future, but not just yet. I think I will focus on Morino for a little while more and see what I get.  I am going to post that ainimation of ChobiTamatchi on my Morino page along with his character description after I finish this.

So back to work for me tomorrow.... I have family coming home this month which I am really excited about. They won't be staying with us but I am still really excited to sepnd time with them. It's my cousin Kim, her husband and two kids. Kim is actually Laura's sister, so this is why I am so excited. Anyone who reads these blogs knows how important Laura is to me, and how just darn sweet she is, and Kim is so much like her so it is going to be fun to see her :) Donald is finally old enough now that he will have fun with his two cousins. It should be a really great time. And hopefully the weather will be great too!! Even though my anxiety has been kinda off the wall the last few days, I am hoping for a great summer ahead.... Fingers crossed. :)

Update: Well poor Kusatchi died on me the following morning, July 5th so I am down to four Tamas now. Digi Metal Greymon still seems to be hanging on at age 28... Work was hard to complete with him needing food every ten minutes today, but I am going to do the best I can.

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