30/6/2016: Well stuff has happened and I was busy most of the week with Ocean Tama. If you read todays entry in my Ocean blogs you will know that my second adult character passed away... I am sad to see him gone but I am still very happy that I managed to raise two adults and I am really happy with how that page turned out. I will be adding more to it once I start my Japanese versions which will happen in the future! I really love Ocean! I enjoyed the experience of it wayyyy more than I thought I would so you can expect more from me on that Tama when I get myself pepped up again. :)

I have had some hatchings as well as a death since I last wrote here. Ginjirotchi (clear blue) passed away at 19 on Tuesday evening while we were eating burger king. Poor little guy... I miss him. I will always love that character! I shall get him again someday soon as he is just as loveable and sweet as Mimitchi.

Seaking of Mimitchi, he got sick on Tuesday night at the age of 12 which means he will be getting a little more needy as the days go on. But it's no matter, he is always top priority of all my Tamas anyway. :)  He is 14 today and kinda showing his age, dropping hearts a little faster than normal.

With the departure of Ginji on Tuesday evening I immediately hatched another Tama and decided it's time to try for Hashizotchi again. I hatched my white/gray Gen2 and took bad care, hoping to get HashiTamatchi. He was sick today and I am hoping to get Hashi as my teen character tomorrow. :)

As for Metal Greymon the DigiMon he is really showing his age now at 23. He empties all of his hearts in about an hour if I don't tend to him, but he looses happy hearts at a slow rate, so his hunger hearts will all be empty and his happy hearts still full. He has been battling with Matts Darkmon and has a victories of 70% which is normal considering he is the champion of DigiMons. ;) I will be interested to see if he starts to loose more as he gets older.... I got my last Digi to live until 26 so I wonder how long this one will stay...

Tonight I decided to start another Tama, my white US Angel. It has been a little while since I raised one and I still have yet to get the US secret character, smiling angel from Taraten. I had the cactus on the Japanese one and he definitely looks cuter than smiling angel, but I still need to get him. Of course I will pretty much be happy with anything on Angel as long as it isn't Kuriten or Twins. :P

After that I had the itch and decided why not start Morino Tamagotch so he was hatched shortly after. He is a Babymotchi now and again I am going to experiment with the weight method and try and see if I can get some new characters. :)

So that is my Tamagotchi news to tell.... Five Tamas going now. The weather has been hot and muggy so it makes for carrying them around outside harder. It isn't like the winter and spring months where I can keep them tucked away in my coat pockets. I have been wearing skimpy shorts a t-shirts all this week. So as a result five Tamas is kinda my comofort level right now.

With a four day weekend coming up, I have plans to spend with family and going to visit my friend Tracey out of town on Saturday morning for the day. :) Tomorrow we celebrate Canada Day and I plan to bring Mimitchi up to see the fireworks in the evening!!! I am really excited for that, I think he will enjoy it. :)

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