26/6/2016: It has been a whole week since I wrote a blog! Some may think I have abandonded my site, but that is false. I have been totally dedicated to my Ocean Tama and writing blogs for that page. :) Not to mention really busy with work and family, all of which are going very well. I have three other Tamas going besides Ocean which I will tell you about now, and update you on what's been going on in my life.

On Tuesday night just shortly before I went to bed I knew Mimitchi was going to be coming back. I had been waiting all day for it since Tongaritchi had been sick early in the day, so I knew if I kept him up late I'd get him back that night. Well I was updating the Ocean blogs and doing stuff online and then it happened, my little Mimitchi returned back to me, and in just four days. I was soooo happy! :) He is doing very well at his young age of 10 and very easy to care for.

I also had a departure on Tuesday evening, Takotchi (camoafluage tama) passed away at 8 years old. I expected him to go that night since he has never made it past 8 years unless I paused him which I didn't this time. I will be trying for Hashizotchi again soon, but not right yet.

I can't say that Ginjirotchi is doing as well. Poor Ginji is is getting up there in his old age of 17, dropping hearts much more frequently now today. He was sick for the second time on Friday meaning he has a few days left before he will die on me. I have loved having him around, and I've spent lots of time with him. I have been involving him in everything I do which is just a given, but yeah, I am very happy I got him back on my clear blue Tama this time.

The other Tama I have going is of course my DigiMon, Metal Greymon, whom is doing very well at the age of 18. He has been battling against Matts DigiMon, who again passed away, but he is raising another one now so I will have somene to battle my Digi with. Metal Greymon is very easy to care for, not dropping hearts for more than an hour sometimes. I do wonder how long he will stay this time as I know people who have had Digi's that live to be in their 50's and 60's. :P We shall see!

So now that I have talked about my Tamas I can tell you what's been going on with me. :) Well this week at work was actually really good, one of the best I have had in a while actually. And I have quite a few days off coming up! I have tomorrow (Monday) booked off, and then I get Friday off for Canada day. Then I have the following Monday after that off (July 4th). I also have another long weekend sometime in July, the 15th I beleive it is. And then I get a full week off in August. I am very excited for all of this, and I don't really have any set plans, but I know I will be spending lots of time with my Mom, Laura and Donald.

I have been spending most of my time with those three lately and it's been really nice. I was babysitting Donald on Friday night and we had so much fun. I had my Tamas with me the whole time, even Ocean who is really demanding. It has really been a great time. We all went to McDonalds and Donald played in the kids area lots, we went for drives, went through the car wash, played soccer, watched TV shows, and of course we had to give Donald his bath.

Another great thing is that the weather has been really nice this week and I have been outside a lot in the garden relaxing, both at home and at Matts. The weather is great, the temperature is perfection, not to hot at all. All around great indeed! I love having my Tamas outside with me. I spent all of the winter and spring indoors with them, so it is nice to be able to get out now.

So yeah on one hand I have been busy, but then I am getting a lot of relaxation time as well. I guess that is one of the benefits of having a 9-5 job with weekends off. :) And the added vacation time is just a bonus now for the summer months. I was talking with Matt and his friend Brandon and we were talking about maybe going on a road trip. I would love to do this, but finding a place to stay at the peak of the summer season might be hard. We didn't plan this ahead of time at all so it may not work out, but hey it's fun to think about. :)

I have another virtual pet going that I forgot to mention. Most who read these blogs will know that I run Tamas only and have never blogged about other virtual pets. But I do have some non-Bandai vpets, and I got a little Komputer Koala GigaPet in the mail this week. I got myself a Komputer Koala back in 2006 and raised it a few times, but the last time I raised it the screen was very faint, even after putting new batteries in. I loved that Koala and I was really sad that it no longer worked the way it used to. It had real animal sound effects and everyhing...! It makes a little "chuck cuck" noise when it needs attention. So cute! Anyways two weeks ago I was browsing through eBay and found a brand new in box Komputer Koala for just 35 bucks. I snatched that little guy up, and I got him a couple days back in the mail. I decided to open it up tonight and see if it worked and it works perfect!!! I named him Oliver, after Shawns newest kitten. I don't know how long I will keep him going for since I have four other Tamas going, one of which is Ocean who is taking up a lot of my time. Either way I am really glad to have this GigaPet and so happy it works. :) I really do love to raise a non-Bandai pet sometimes.

My plans for my day off tomorrow will be updating different sections on this site. I have some stuff I wanna do with the Morino and Osu/Mesu pages. I will be glad to get those little finishing touches done that I have been meaning to do for a while now. I have been so busy with Ocean that I neglected the other parts of my site that needed tending to. OH well it will all get done in good due time. I have talked enough for this evening. Off to care for my little Mimitchi and Ginji I go.... :)

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