19/6/2016: Blog number 100! Can someone tell me where the time has gone? Because I don't know how to make it slow down. It has only been two days since my last blog and funnily enough I actually have stuff to write about. :)

I will start off with the basics, Mimitchi-to-be, my faithful yellow/blue Tama grew legs today. I have been so busy caring for Ocean but I still made Tonmarutchi my first priority. Gotta get Mimitchi back! Well I caught his last discipline before he changed this afternoon and now I am a step closer to having him back in my life again. :) I should have him back in the next two or three days if all goes well.

On a very surprising note, I woke up yesterday morning and was looking at all my Tamas one by one to see that Greymon had changed into Metal Greymon of all things! I guess I took better care of him than I thought.  I have had this guy before but I really enjoyed having him. He lives a long life and didn't get needy until the last days of his life. If my memory serves me correct my last Metal Greymon lived to be 26. I have been battling him against Matt's Augumon and he hasn't lose a game yet. He is 12 years of age, 40lbs, with a 64% victories average. :)

I had been trying for Hashizotchi on my camouflage Tama but I ended up with Takotchi, a character I have had many times before. I do like Takotchi, but I really had my heart set on getting Hashizotchi. But that's alright, I have been focusing most of my time on Mimitchi Tama and Ocean. I will hatch another P2 and try for Hashizotchi again after Takotchi leaves.

I have a very sweet Ginjirotchi on my clear blue Tama. Unfortunately I haven't been the best caretaker to him simply because I have been busy with Ocean. But it is sure great to have him back again. :) Love him lots! He is 10 years old, 31oz and was just sick a little while ago.. I hope he lives a long life and that I can take better care of him over the coming week.

Today I have pretty much kept to myself. Family is all over at my place for Fathers Day, but I am really not feeling all that social today.... First Fathers day without Dad here and it just feels soo.... Wrong... But these are the cards we have been dealt and I just have to keep moving forward. My Tamas have helped keep my mind off things a little, espeically Ocean who is in need of round the clock care. ;) He doesn't go a minute without needing SOMETHING! I really hope I get him to adulthood or I will feel like the last three days have been for nothing. I will see what happens.....

I hadn't planned on having five Tamas going when I hatched Ocean, but somehow I always end up hatching more than I plan to. I love them all, and I enjoy raising several at a time. I just hope I can get Ocean to an adult form, and manage to get Mimitchi back again.  :)

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