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August 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017: Here we are into August month! The summer is just flying by. I was supposed to get together with a couple of friends this evening, but those plans fell through.  I am just going to take some time for me while my Mom entertains my aunt in the living room.

Lots has happened with my little Tams since I last wrote. First things first: Dylan changed into his adulthood yesterday and is now a Dorotchi, a cute little ghost with pucker lips! I love him!  This morning Ari changed into a Tarakotchi... I thought I took better care than that, but I guess not. I will be mating Dylan and Ari when they are of age!

I raised my baby on Purple Tama today and have a Kinakomotchi named Lyla. She is sleeping soundly now. I hope I do a better job with her than I did her sister, Ari....! I am not feeling the best tonight... Soar throat. Glad I have tomorrow off!


Wednesday, August 2, 2017: Today was a holiday in Newfoundland and it was one I made damn sure I relaxed for. I slept till noon and Lyla still changed into the healthy teen, Young Mimitchi. I am going to try previous methods to get Androtchi.

I connected Ari and Dylan a few times today so they are familiar with one another when it comes time to have babies. :) Other than that a very slow day... I am just getting ready for bed now. After I work tomorrow, I will be off work for a whole week. :)


Friday, August 4, 2017: I am happy to say that I am on vacation now and won't be back at work until the 14th. The last time I took a week off, I spent it in Ontario. This time I will be spending it at home which I am quite alright with. :)

Ari and Dylan got very romantic yesterday and had baby boys together. This means that I will have a man for Lyla later in life. Lyla is on pause, for the time being, still a young Mimitchi. I will unpause her when one of the baby boys are of the same stage as she is. I love actually being able to mate my Tams instead of relying on Mrs. Busybody....! Makes the experience of raising the Connections more rich and enjoyable.

Still feeling under the weather today... I hung out at Matt's with Adam today, and China stopped by for a little bit. Last night I went out downtown with Maria even though I wasn't feeling the best. Hoping to feel better by the time the weekend is over so I can enjoy my week off!


Sunday, August 6, 2017: I went out again with Maria last night and her friend Heidi as well who is very sweet. :) I overdid it again with the drinking... Today wasn't so great. But ah well, I had a good time while it lasted last night.

Ari and Dylan probably should have departed last night but they didn't because I had them paused and didn't get home until it was already past midnight. I will probably see them leave the babies since I am still awake and it is close to midnight....! Baby Blue is the one Tama I have with me at all times so I will be raising Ari's son as soon as I get a chance in the morning. :)


Monday, August 7, 2017: Ari and Dylan were gone when I woke up this morning. I took Baby blue Tama with me on my way out the door and named the boy Loki. I will hold off on raising the one on Red V2 for now as I have some of my vintages running again.

Loki is Marutchi and sleeping I might add. I connected him with Lyla today and they had a bread eating contest. I hope to mate them as adults so they had some friendly fun this afternoon.

I went out for Starbucks with a new friend tonight... Interested to see where things lead. I shall leave it at that.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017: This week has been a busy one! I slept in till 11:00 today since I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. Loki changed into an Oniontchi at 8AM when he woke up and went back to sleep until 10:00.

I named Dylan's boy yesterday afternoon and raised him through the babytchi stage. His name is Nicky and he is a Hitodetchi (I really don't know if I spelled that right). He looks like a little mud puddle or a start fish, I can't decide. :)

As for Lyla, I have been connecting her and Loki frequently throughout the last two days. I have been letting Lyla's hunger hearts drop to see if I can succeed and get the Robotchi/Androtchi this time. :) Fingers crossed I get hir!!!

I did laundry at Matthew's house today so I need to go and pick it up shortly. I really want to see my friend Maria this evening, but she has an event to attend downtown. I am going to wait until it is time to turn the lights out for my Tams and find something to do. Updates to come!


Thursday, August 10, 2017: I woke up early this morning! Mom brought us home A&W breakfast and it was delicious. Nicky woke up at 8 AM, changed into an Oniontchi and went back to sleep again.

We are watching a Netflix Original movie, To the Bone, starring Keanu Reeves. What a hunk! The only Tamas awake at the moment are my vintage Tams, Ginjirotenshi (Angel) and Kutchitamatchi (clear blue P1). I will update again later when something happens...!

5:30 PM: I expect Loki and Lyla to change into adults by no later than tomorrow. I really hope I get the Androtchi's!!!!! I may pause everyone when my friend Maria comes over. It is gorgeous outside tonight so we will be in the back garden smoking.

11:27 PM: By the time I took everyone off pause, it was way past their bedtime. I am looking forward to tomorrow to see who they change into. The pause may be used again at some points tomorrow depending on what I'm up to.


Sunday, August 13, 2017: I didn't have time to write yesterday because I was busy spending time with my Mom during the day and then I went to a party with Maria in the evening. I had two changes yesterday. The first was Lyla who had changed while I was still asleep. She became a Mimitchi! I had so hoped she would become the Robot, but I'll just have to keep trying. Later in the day Loki changed as well and is now a Memetchi. I've been connecting them frequently so they can have babies ASAP.

Nicky has remained on pause for the most part. I'm going to wait and see if I get baby girls on my V1's and if so, one of them will be Nicky's bride. :)

Rainy day here today... I am glad I left the party at a decent hour last night. I had a good sleep thankfully. Back to work for me tomorrow... I hope the week goes well...

Later: I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow feeling like I do now... Not a good day... Tried to make the best of it, but not a good day...


Thursday, August 17, 2017: I'll be blunt - it has been one hell of a week. I have not been a happy camper this week and now I seem to be coming down with some kind of bug or flu. I'm gonna make this quick as I don't want this weeks negativity rubbing off on my posts.

Loki and Lyla got wiggly with each other when I connected them yesterday morning. They had baby boys together which means Nicky has no bride and will need to rely on the matchmaker when he grows up. He is still a teenage Oniontchi so I expect a change by the weekend. He has been paused for most of this week...

Other than that I have nothing else to write about. I would rather not get into this week's negative stuff as I am hoping that is the end of it now. Hopefully, things will get a lot more positive from here on out. ;)


Friday, August 18, 2017: This morning I woke up still sick, but Loki and Lyla had left me at midnight. Their baby boys were crying on the screen when 8 AM struck! I named baby blue Joshy and purple V1 Mick. That is all I can write for now... Feel like I am going to be sick again...


Saturday, August 19, 2017: I haven't vomited yet so I guess that in itself is a blessing.  But man.. I've had better... This week has sucked royally with being sick. I had plans to go out this weekend but I just won't be able to do that with having called into work absent yesterday.

Joshy and Mick are both Kinakomotchi toddlers. I am here at Matt's hanging out and relaxing. Hoping to make a full recovery by the end of today!


Sunday, August 20, 2017: It is Sunday night and I got the blues. My Tams are doing just fine, though. Joshy changed into an Itchigotchi yesterday afternoon/early evening and I've been taking average care of him ever since. I actually ignored some discipline/praise calls today! Will be interested to see who I get.

On an even better note, Nicky changed into adulthood today. I had really been hoping for someone new, but I got Kutchipatchi, and I don't think I could ever be disappointed with that guy. :) This is the first time I have had him on my V2 I believe, and today got to see some very cute animations of him wearing boots! Then when he is all done playing, he goes back to the Kutchipatchi I know and adore from 1997. :)


Tuesday, August 29, 2017: I hate it when I got this long without updating. My Tams have been paused quite a bit since the last time I wrote. In fact, Nicky and Mick have been paused continuously since the 20th when I last wrote....! Times have been busy. Joshy came everywhere with me no matter what, though. Sadly he suffered for it and became a Tarakotchi...!

I did the best I could for him, but I had to feed a lotttt of snacks during his adulthood.  Either way, he ended up marrying over the weekend and ended up with a baby girl in his care. Joshy was gone when I got up yesterday morning and I named his baby girl when I got home from work. Her name is Heidi and this marks  I am raising her through her babytchi stage now while I type this. This marks 14G!! for baby blue Tama!

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