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July 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017: I took yet another long leave of absence from these pages. I took my red V2 off pause at the end of June and raised Hanah her alongside Yoshi. They both changed into Memetchi adult forms and I mated them when they were 7 years of age. They had baby girls who were left in my care. I raised Zyra and Momo and they are now Kinakomotchi toddlers.

I think I am going to hatch another V1 at some point soon. It may make cross-breeding boys and girls a little easier...! Also, I haven't been playing much with my vintages lately so it is a great time to start getting into the 2000's Tamagotchi. :)


Wednesday, July 5, 2017: This morning Zyra changed into the healthy teen of Itchigotchi.  That sweet little strawberry...! I have been letting his hunger hearts drop to one but keeping the happy hearts full.  I'll see if I get Androtchi, the little robot this time. He looks so cute! Momo is still a Kinakomotchi.

On another note, I hatched a brand new Tamagotchi Connection today. It is a solid shade of purple and I absolutely love it! I got a girl Tam for my first generation and named her Rea, after my singer-songwriter friend. :) She is a sleeping marutchi now. I am unsure if I will be able to bring all three Connection Tams to work with me tomorrow. I managed to keep them going for a little while this morning, but had to pause when things got busy in the afternoon. I can't say enough how much I love the dedicated pause feature on these Tams...

Tomorrow is my Friday and I am so very happy... Tonight I paused my Tams for a little while and went to visit my cousins up the street.  Had a really nice time up there.  Tomorrow I will go and see Laura, John and Donald. :)


Thursday, July 6, 2017: Today was a great day for two reasons: It is my start to the long weekend, and I got a new Tama character. This morning Momo woke up and changed into Ringotchi, one of several teen characters. I've been taking the best care possible to see who she will change into... So much mystery.

I've been continuing to let the hunger hearts fall on Zyra in hopes it will bring me the little robot, Androtchi. I have been keeping her happy hearts full always. Rea the Marutchi stayed home on pause all day and evening. I will spend more time with her tomorrow. :) All three Tams will have to rely on the matchmaker since I have all girls.

Off to bed for me now so I can get up half early tomorrow. I don't want to waste *too* much time sleeping. I just got home from being out with my friend Maria and some folks she knows. Fun night!


Saturday, July 8, 2017, 4:44 AM: I am slightly intoxicated and it is still Friday to me. I went out with my friend Maria around 8:30 and we were out till after 3 AM. I am writing here now because I cannot sleep and I just need to do something to make myself tired. There have been no changes with my current set of Tamas, but I expect adults soon on Blue Tama and Red V2. Updates to come.....


Sunday, July 9, 2017, 5:42 PM: I managed to squeak on by without any ill effects from my drinking on Friday night. And my Tamas are doing just fine too! Last night Zyra changed into a Hanatchi! I had been hoping for Androtchi (the robot), but he only appears on even generations. I am not unhappy though! I will just use the same care techniques for my next generation. :) Hanatchi is so sweet!

In other news, Rea changed into an Itchigotchi this evening. The sweet little strawberry returns..! :) I'm very happy to have hatched this Tam. Can't get over how much I love that gorgeous shade of purple. Momo (Ringotchi) should also be making a change sometime tonight or very early tomorrow.

We had company this evening for dinner. We had salmon and it was delicious! I have been in and out of my room all night to check my babies. The humidity is really high today so I have my windows wide open here in my room... Maybe we will have thundershowers....


Monday, July 10, 2017, 10:59 PM: This evening when I got home from work, I took my Tamas off pause and Momo began to change. She became a character I know nothing about. Her name is Furawatchi and I literally know nothing of this character! She is definitely a new millennium character.

I brought Zyra with me to work today. The day was long, but I thankfully got a lot done.  I hope that tomorrow can be more enjoyable but just as productive. Maria came down tonight to hang out for a few hours, and now I am winding down before bedtime.

Update 11:10 PM!! According to Shawn, there are four different names for the character Momo became: Furwatchi, Korottchi, Leaftchi and Violetchi. Interesting...


Wednesday, July 12, 2017: This morning at 10:30 the matchmaker arrived with a Kutchipatchi lover for Zyra. I clicked YES for love and they had a baby boy together. :) I will probably end up with boys from Momo and Rea now, with the way my luck runs. :P I can't wait to have compatible Tamas. The matchmaker is cool and all, but I like connecting my Tams and making 2 become one. ;) Gotta love those old midi files on mimitchi.com!! Ya baby!!!

Today was rough, but it was also really uplifting..... Had some highs and lows and now I am in bed thinking good thoughts for the future... I shall update again tomorrow or the next day. Hermis, formerly known as Stanley (Mom insisted we change his name if he is allowed to stay here) is now a new member of our household. More to come about this little guy very soon.


Friday, July 14, 2017: Today is a special one because I have reached generation ten on my baby blue V1. It displays 10G on the status screen! :) So yes, that will tell you that Zyra departed last night and left her son behind. I named him Stan (short for Stan Lee the hamster) and have a bouncing little Marutchi now.

In other thoughts, I was quite surprised to wake up this morning to see that Rea had become a Tarakotchi. I knew I hadn't been the perfect caretaker with her, but come on I didn't think I was that bad. Either way, I love that guy so it's no worries. I am just having a hard time looking at Rea and not thinking of her as a boy because Tarakotchi has always been very male like in my eyes.... :)

I am sitting out in my lovely backyard as I update my pages. I am laying on the lawn furniture and have Stan laying on my belly. I am supposed to be going to an event tonight with some friends... A clubbing event.... I am nervous..... I will let it be known in my next update if I went or not.


Saturday, July 15, 2017: Last night ended up not being the best night.... And then this morning was worse again. I wasn't careful with how much I drank last night at all. Oh well lesson learned once again.... The last time I got a hangover was in December after Matt's birthday and I swore I would never mix and match again. Eh... Anyways... I hope that tomorrow will be better as I have to be ready and well for work on Monday.

Stan, Rea and Momo spent well over half the day on pause because I was sleeping away my sickness. I am hoping for a matchmaker visit for Momo very soon as she is approaching age 7.

Tonight I paused them once again before going over to a party at Maria's which I left promptly after some guests started getting sloppy, coupled with the fact that I am still tired.... However, once I got home I got my second wind and cleaned Stan Lee's cage. He had a great time running around the bathroom while I cleaned everything for him.


Sunday, July 16, 2017: Today Stan changed from Marutchi into Oniontchi. Such a sweet little fellow he is! I am going to let the hunger hearts fall to three empty again and keep happy hearts full so that I can get the robotchi/Androtchi. He is the counterpart to Hanatchi the worm. :)

The matchmaker came for Momo this evening. She made love to a Dorotchi and they had a baby boy. I don't find the Furwatchi to be all that interesting so I am looking forward to seeing who my next character will be.

Rea was paused all day but I have taken her off pause since Stan and Momo went to sleep. They fell asleep at 9 PM and Rea will be awake until 10:00.  I just finished putting Stan Lee the hamster back in his cage after being outside in his ball for the last hour. There was a lot of cuteness going on with all four animals outside!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017: It has been one hectic work week!  But I am giving it my all. :) I haven't been able to have my Tamas at the office all week. I had them with me Monday morning and then immediately had to pause them.

Since I've last written, Stan is still an Oniontchi who I have been playing lots of games with, but letting the hunger hearts fall.  I can't wait to see who he will become. :) On another note, Momo went away at midnight today so her baby boy is waiting to be named. I am going to have to wait until tomorrow or possibly even Friday night...

Rea the Tarakotchi is still on pause. I will start building a relationship up between her and Stan once he grows up.  Off to bed for me now shortly... More training and extra duties on my plate tomorrow at the office. I haven't been sleeping the best this week so I am hoping to get lucky and get at least 7 hours tonight.


Thursday, July 20, 2017: Stan grew up into a Mimitchi today! I was shocked, but not unhappy. I love Mimitchi and welcome him with open arms, in any form. He is not the same as Mimitchi Tama, but he is a very solid second right now. :)

I named the baby boy that Momo left behind this evening, so here's Dylan! I won't be getting through raising him tonight into the child stage, but at least he is named and happy for the moment.  I'll pause him and continue with his babyhood tomorrow after work.


Sunday, July 23, 2017: I had a busy weekend and I did end up seeing Matt a number of times....! Just saying that to keep a record for myself. I finally got around to raising Dylan through the Babitchi stage this evening and he is now a Kuribotchi.

As for Stan and Rea, they have developed quite a relationship and have gotten to the point of producing hearts for each other when they meet on screen. I really hope that they will have baby girls so Dylan will have a partner later on in life.... :)

I've reached the end of my weekend, and I must say it was a pretty good one. No major anxiety has occurred for the last while now and for that I have been very grateful.  I even managed to gain 3 pounds which I wasn't expecting, but I am very happy about that. I have also been enjoying the new addition to the house, my hamster, Stan Lee. He is just the sweetest little rodent I have laid eyes on my whole life.... Anyways... Back to work tomorrow for a full week, and I have my friend Amy's wedding coming up this week.  Busy times ahead!


Tuesday, July 25, 2017: Yesterday Stan and Rea turned 6 years old and consummated their relationship. They had baby girls which means Dylan will most certainly have a bride when he grows up! I am so glad I decided to start my purple Tama because this should ensure me some good old fashioned matchmaking. ;)

Dylan is still a Kuribotchi as I haven't had any time to dedicate to him. Stan and Rea have been accompanying me to work during this busy and stressful week....


Wednesday, July 26, 2017: Today proved to be one of my worse days... It began with a dent in my car yesterday morning, and ended with me in a construction zone violation. Long story short, I broke down crying on my way back to work.

On the bright side there is always Tamagotchi. And this morning Stan and Rea were gone when I woke up, their dainty daughters left in my care. I took baby blue Tama and headed to work and named one of the daughters they so quickly left behind. I named her baby Ari! This marks 11G for baby blue Tama! It's amazing how fast they go up!

Purple Tama will remain on the naming screen until after the weekend because I am going to be really busy with Amy's wedding. I will raise Dylan alongside Ari and they should end up having a lovely night in the garden. ;)


Sunday, July 30, 2017: I had a very busy weekend with my friend Amy's wedding but it all went off without a hitch! My Tamas have been paused during a lot of this time, but Ari did change into an Itchigotchi and Dylan a Hinatchi - whom I never had before. Very cute little guy! I expect them to change into adults tomorrow sometime... I am excited.

I still haven't gotten around to raising Rea's daughter yet but I am hoping to have some time tomorrow evening to do that. I spent today being lazy so Ari and Dylan didn't get the *best* care, but they went without wanting for too much. :) I did take a nap at one point so I know I missed a discipline or two as I heard beeps while snoozing for an hour...!

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