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May 2017

Monday, May 29, 2017: I can't believe I went this long without updating the Connection blogs. After going off on Yasashii and Morino Tamagotchi tangents for a while, I finally took my baby blue Connection V1 off it's long month and a half pause. I had a little girl named Erin who went from a Marutchi into a Hinotamatchi, and then finally an adult Masktchi whom very much reminds me of Zukitchi.

My V2 has remained on pause as of right now but I will get around to un-pausing that Tam as well in the near future. :)

Work has been really busy so I haven't been able to have Tamagotchi out in the open like I used to.  I'm sure the lack of activity on the rest of the site is self explainitory to most.  I will get back to regular updates again soon, I hope.  I feel like this blog would be a lot easier to keep up to date than my regular Tamagotchi blogs page.... I really need to think it over a little more.

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