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April 2017

Monday, April 3, 2017: I can't believe it is April already and now I am off for the morning from work due to a winter storm. Where are you, spring?  I don't think I will get the full day off from work sadly, but at least I got to sleep in a little today. :)

I have good news for my Tamas. Yesterday Abby changed from an Oniontchi into a:: drum roll:: Ginjirotchi!! I nearly fell off my chair! I absolutely adore Ginji on my P1, and though he, or should I say 'she' in the case of Abby, doesn't perfectly resemble the Ginji from P1, it still really looks like him. He, sorry SHE, doesn't twirl around as Ginji does on P1, he sort of stands to the side like he does when he eats. It's hard to explain, but I am incredibly happy to have this little sweetie as my adult. :) It is going to take me a while to get the gender right. I will always think of Ginji as being a boy. :)

I don't think that Carly is going to change today, but I have a pretty good feeling that she will tomorrow. :) There is so much mystery as to whom I will get with these Tamas. I know of no methods on how to get what character except for that of the robot, Androtchi, which Shawn told me about.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017: Today I proved to be a REALLY bad caretaker. When I got home from work just shortly after 4:00, I found Carly and Abby un-paused with poop all over the screen. I freaked out! I can't believe that I left without pausing them today. I never want to have this happen again as I do not want either of them dying.

Carly changed into a Tarakotchi sometime during the day as that is how I found her when I came home. I cleaned the both of them up and fed them - Abby still had one heart of hunger and happiness left.


Saturday, April 8, 2017: Today the matchmaker came for Abby while I was relaxing over at Matt's place this afternoon. I was amazed to see a character that I have never seen or heard of on a Tam before, a little dinosaur looking character named Kaerutchi. They had a baby girl together. :) Now if I can just get Carly to have a boy then I can mate via IR connection in the next generation. I didn't think I would have to rely on the matchmaker as much as I do, to be honest, and I think I will end up running a third Connection sometimes down the road. I gave my white Connection V1 to Kat last month so I will run one of my other ones when I do decide to start one up.

Lazy day today... Sitting up in bed now thinking about what I would like to watch before I fall asleep. Morino Tama is the only one I need to look in on at all, and not even because it is in the cocoon stage and I am keeping the temperature in the hot side this time. I guess I could wake up Mimitchi Tama. :) I have been pausing him a lot lately.


Sunday, April 9, 2017: I am still waiting for the matchmaker to come for Carly! I am praying for a baby boy but honestly, I will be happy with whatever I get. :) I just love the mystery to the characters, and the variety I have been getting. I shall update when there is baby news!!!

Oh, one thing before I end this.  I bought a pair of boots for Abby and when I selected them and she put them on, it was simply adorable. Sweet little Ginji marching along the screen with the big boots on him. Oh, it was so sweet! I got a picture of him. Look at that precious little face! I think she will be leaving her baby tonight so I am enjoying my time with her.....

Just relaxing with Tamas now in my room. Mr. Puss is cuddled up alongside me, and Mom, Gitta, Matt and Kevin are playing scrabble in the dining room. A nice Sunday night in... I am just puttering around my cpanel and backing up my files. Exciting life hey? :)


Tuesday, April 11, 2017: Two things have happened since the last time I wrote here. First off Abby's baby girl was left to her own devices yesterday and I have been raising Hanah since that time. She is a Hitodetchi starfish and sleeping at the moment.

Today the matchmaker came for Carly and to my dismay, she had a baby girl. Just watch - I will end up with all boys in my next generations. :P I will have to hatch another Connection at some point and that might make it easier to cross-pollinate from one generation to the next. :)

Tamas stayed on pause tonight. Mom and I had to run to Costco and then to meet my friend Amy and her mom at Micheal's craft store. Tomorrow night all the girls will come over to our house to make jewelry for the wedding.

Speaking of weddings, I will be attending two! Amy's will be in July, but I am going to my cousin Carlie's wedding in North Bay, Ontario. That should be an enjoyable time and I am looking forward to it.

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