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November 2020

Sunday, November 1, 2020:  I was sleeping soundly this morning when I heard a changing tune coming from Rix. When I fully woke I peered at his screen to see he had become a ChoHimetchi. I always loved this character on Osu&Mesu. :)  Gabe and Seta are floating along nicely and not at all demanding. I'm very content with this group of Tams.

Color Codes for Tamas as of November 2020:

  • Seta - White/Red Japanese Keitai
  • Gabe - Purple Connection V1
  • Rix - Clear Blue Connection V2


Tuesday, November 3, 2020: While sitting here at the computer waiting for my doctor to call me, Gabe had a visit from the matchmaker. She brought along a shy Masktchi and they had a baby boy together. I seem to be getting all boys this week but that is okay.  Maybe Rix will have a girl and I'll have a mate for Gabe's baby boy. :)

This afternoon I got very nostalgic and decided to start up my GigaPets Floppy Frog. I've named him Hermy and he is in the tadpole stage right now. I love GigaPets! They are much different than Tamagotchi and I hope to have more of them one day. I only have 4 or 5 Gigas but who knows maybe someday I'll have more.

My critters have been watching Married with Children with me since last week and I'm on Season 2 now. I was also watching The Politician on Netflix and I think I'm gonna get back into that this week. I think two shows is more than enough to swap back and forth between for now... ;)


Wednesday, November 4, 2020: My adventure with Hermy is over before it even began. I was just sitting here getting things organized for my session on the phone, and I accidentally knocked one of my Tamas against my Floppy Frog.  The screen went blank and my tadpole disappeared. I have no idea what happened. :( But I don't have time to try and fix my GigaPet right now. I will update again shortly when I finish my phone call.

On a brighter note, I raised the baby boy that Seta left behind this morning. I named him Momo and he is now a Hitodetchi.  I think that Gabe will leave his son behind tonight.. and I'm still waiting for a mate for Rix.


Friday, November 6, 2020: Well it's only been a couple of days but lots has happened. Gabe left his boy in my care and I've named him Gobe. He is a Marutchi who is a tad overweight due to my feeding of snacks. :) Momo changed into the teen character Nikatchi (So cute!!!) and I expect a full change in the next couple of days. Rix had a visit from the matchmaker on Wednesday afternoon and to my joy has a baby girl!  I may mate her with Gobe in the future...


Thursday, November 12, 2020: I've gotten so behind on my blog due to the fact that I have been busy and out of the house a lot the last week. I have several changes to report. Rix left his baby girl in my care and I named her Nira.  She is currently a Young Mametchi. Sadly Gobe became the unhealthy teen Hinotamatchi but I'm still hoping I can get Hanatchi/Androtchi...!  Momo changed into the buck toothed adult of Debatchi who I love and adore.  I think he is one of the cuter adults in the connection series actually so I will always be happy to see him. :)

I've been pretty anxious on and off for the last couple of weeks but I feel like things are getting a little better.  I am hoping that I continue to keep a better handle on things as 2020 comes to a close....


Friday, November 13, 2020: I had to pause my Tamas for a few hours today while out and about doing errands and over at my Moms. There are no changes to report for today but I know that Gobe and Nira are getting close to adulthood.  Momo is my only adult in the group so he is up watching The Politician with us.

We put up Christmas lights this evening even though it's way too early.  But December is going to be here in the blink of an eye!


Saturday, November 14, 2020: Today has been a good day! And although I have nothing to report Tamagotchi wise, I feel like writing. I woke up around 10AM today and then immediately went and picked up Maria from a friends house and we hung out for a couple of hours before she went to work.  Now I'm back at Matt's place caring for Tamas.

I didn't say much about my GigaPet's Floppy Frog because it has reset several times. I'm trying for a third time now to raise this Frog and hopefully I do better this time.  I'm going to try not to bring it around with me too much as it resets very easily.


Tuesday, November 17, 2020: I have good news to report! Gobe changed into a Hanatchi two days ago and then Nira became a Kusatchi. :) I have been connecting these two to prepare them for their marriage night.  In other news, Momo had a visit from the Matchmaker and now has a baby girl alongside him. Yesterday they all had a lazy day with me and watched Bad Santa, in edition to several episodes of Married with Children. I am going to be looking for more Christmas movies to watch now as the season progresses.

I had another reset mishap with my Floppy Frog so I am trying for a fourth time now.  I am hoping I get lucky and at least get my little guy out of the tadpole stage before he resets this time....!  If he does reset again then I think I'm going to raise my Komputer Koala instead.

Matthew is putting up the Christmas tree this evening! I love it so much.  It has been getting so dark so early the last few weeks and the Christmas lights have made things a little more cheerful. He is rearranging the lights that I put up in the window last week and things are going to be very nice here in the living room for the next couple of months. :)


Wednesday, November 18, 2020: My Dad died 5 years ago today and right now I feel like I need him more than ever.  It was such a difficult time of year for him to go, but there would have been no decent time for what happened to happen.  Just Christmas season is hard enough as it is.. And I miss him so much all the time even though he was so overprotective.  There are times I really miss that...


Friday, November 20, 2020: I've been slowly building up a relationship between Gobe and Nira and by tomorrow they will both have reached the 7 year age mark where they can bare two babies. I look forward to seeing if they have boys or girls. I'm very happy to be spending a night in on this Friday night...! I think that Momo is going to leave his baby girl tonight.

I have been enjoying the fruits of Autumn in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and very excited to see what the winter and Christmas season has to offer. I am really hoping I can get myself in gear to type out the blog entries for the Animal Crossing page.... I am also thinking about doing a small page for my GigaPet's... I will have more about those guys in a couple of days. I'm still having issues with my Floppy Frog. :(

Starting to get tired now... Going to try and wind down for the night and have pleasant dreams.


Saturday, November 21, 2020: Lots to report for today! This morning Gobe and Nira joined together and had baby girls together. :) I'm looking forward to another generation now, particularly on the V2 as there are more characters.  Momo was gone and left by the time I myself went to bed last night.  I couldn't sleep so I raised baby Tachi until I got tired and finally fell asleep. She is a Hitodetchi now and I'm going to take bad care to see what adult I get. The Keitai still seems like a really *new to me* kinda Tam... :)

Tedsy Kennedy, my Komputer Koala was born last night.  He goes by Tedsy for short. I think I'm going to have much better luck with this guy than Frogie who I restarted YET again.  Either way it's a lot of fun to be caring for two GigaPet's.   I wish I had bigger collection of them...

There were 5 new cases of Covid-19 in the city today and I think I'm ready to go into seclusion again.  My Tams will benefit from this so long as I take care of myself.... Which has been a task to say the least, for the last year or so.


Monday, November 23, 2020: I've been struggling the last couple of days... But I'm praying and hoping that things get less heavy in the coming days.  Tedsy and Froger have both gotten *bigger* and healthier so I haven't been struggling in that area. I also hatched my third GigaPet today -- a Microchimp named Abe! I have had this one since the late 90s and actually was there when it was bought in a bin at Toys are Us. :) Good memories.  The Microchimp does not have the real animal sound effects like the Komputer Koala and Floppy Frog, but it is really really cute. :)

I got a new teenager on my Keitai today! It's really cute looking. Tachi is now a Young Oyajitchi. Soooo funny! I've only ever seen him in his adult form on the Japanese P1.


Monday, November 30, 2020: I've taken a break from my Tamagotchi and am now raising GigaPet's - 3 to be exact. Tedsy Kennedy is faring the best, while Froger and Abe are a little on the unhealthy side. I am hoping to get their health up in the coming days....!  I really do enjoy GigaPet's, and plan to get more in the future.... If I can afford it.  And of course within a month or so I will get back into Tamagotchi again.   I am thinking over the idea of making a small page on this website dedicated to my GigaPet's.

Before going to bed at 9PM (When all GigaPet's are supposed to go to sleep), they all got to watch me playing Stardew Valley.  This was one of the first games I bought on my Nintendo Switch last December when I got it.  I can't believe it's now December 1st!!! It still feels like November 30 to me because I am still awake at 1:22AM.   But nope... It's December.

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