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March 2017

Wednesday, March 1, 2017: Here we are into March month already! I had two changes early this morning from Grace and Fiona. My two Marutchi's changed into Oniontchi, a character I've not had yet. The name says it all because it really looks like an onion, but very cute all the same. :)

After some thought, I decided to put Fiona on my white Connection V1 into stasis today. I am going to be sending this Tam to a good friend of mine along with some other Tama merchandise... So now I've just my baby blue V1 and the red jelly bean V2 to contend with. Speaking of which, Belly is doing quite well. She eats hamburgers for her meals in this adult Tarakotchi form. :) And I've discovered a new game in her adult form - slots! It's a really easy (controversial according to Shawn and Matt) little game where you can gain big points if you are lucky. I can't wait to bring Belly on a shopping spree. I will be able to afford more than just food items once I get the points high enough!!


Sunday, March 5, 2017: Lack of updates has had to do with a busy week and an even busier weekend. I've been enjoying my last few days with very little anxiety so that is always a blessing. I cherish every moment! I've also been cherishing any time I can spend with my Tamas, my Connections in particular. They have been with me for most everything that has been going on the last five days! It felt like Grace was never going to change but then as I was sleeping this morning, I woke to the sound of changing music. She became a Mimitchi!!! I had no idea I would actually get the best adult from the average teen.. Very interesting indeed.

Not long after I rolled out of bed, Belly beeped for me, but it was, in fact, the matchmaker, Mrs. Busybody, bringing her a lover. She had a baby girl with a P1 Nyrotchi. Looks exactly like Nyrotchi from 1996!! I hope that Grace gives birth to a boy when she's matchmaker ready! I love being able to mate the Tamas myself!!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017: Last night I was up late and got to see Belly departing from her daughter. It was just before midnight and she sat beside her sleeping baby, looking down at her lovingly. The same thing happened with Mesu and Osu which I really loved. It was shortly before midnight that I got the photo to the right and before I knew it Belly was gone, her sleeping baby all alone. I made sure to turn the light out for the little one. I stayed awake for a little longer browsing around on YouTube and then fell asleep.

This morning when I got up, the poor little girl was crying for her mother. I took all my Tamas out to the kitchen with me while I ate breakfast and it was there that I named and raised Belly's daughter, Enya. She grew into a Marutchi within the hour. :)

I am still awaiting the visit from Mrs. Busybody for Grace. I hope she has a baby boy!!!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017: I waited all day and I am STILL waiting for the matchmaker to come for Grace. She is 7 years old now. Maybe will have better luck tomorrow and find out if poor Enya will have a man for herself or not.

Sorry for the shortness of today's entry. I am in a Teen Mom reality TV trans....


Saturday, March 11, 2017: The matchmaker came for Grace on Thursday morning but I didn't get around to updating. Grace had a baby girl and she was left in my care this morning. I named her Anna and she is a Kinakomotchi now.

Enya changed from a Marutchi into a Propellertchi two days back. I am very intrigued as to whom she will change into in her adulthood.

We are experiencing nasty winter weather today and very high winds.  I am hoping that the power doesn't go out, but in the meantime, we are watching the movie To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. One of my all-time faves! I hope we can make it through the full film without the power going out.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017: I went back to work yesterday, so I haven't been online much and my Tamas have had to be on pause a bit. Both Anna and Enya have changed since the last time I wrote, though. :) Anna grew into a teenager, Itchigotchi and Enya grew into the adult of Debatchi who is a cute, buck-toothed little sweetie!

I would write more but I am tired... I hope things get easier during my work day because I really don't want to get bad again. My car is in the shop since early this evening because I smashed my tail light... Good job Dennis... I was not paying attention when backing into Matt's driveway today. ANYWAYS, thankfully my Mom is good enough to drive me around until it is fixed.


Sunday, March 19, 2017: It's been a few days due to the fact that things have been BUSY. I have nothing but good news about my two Tamas, though. :) Yesterday Anna changed into her adult form as a Kutchipatchi! I have been waiting to see the Kutchipatchi on my Connection Tams since January 30th when I first hatched them! He, or should I say, she looks just like the Kutchipatchi I know and love from P1. :)

Enya (Debatchi), my buck-toothed sweetie had a visit from the matchmaker today! She brought her a Masktchi and gave birth to a baby girl. I really hope that Anna has a boy to break this all-girls cycle I've been having. :)

Been a busy Sunday, but a really good one all the same. I got out for two short walks today since the weather was gorgeous! Also attended my aunts birthday lunch at the convent which was really enjoyable. The Tams stayed on pause for portions of today... I have been pausing here and there lately because it's harder to bring them around lately.


Sunday, March 26, 2017: It is so unlike me to go an entire week and not update, not just this section, but any of the entire site. I have been getting back into the swing of things with work so it's been hard to update. Today Anna, my Kutchipatchi had a visit from the matchmaker. She bought him a little robot looking character whose name I am not aware of. To my dismay, she had a baby girl...

Enya departed a couple of days ago so I raised her daughter today. I named her Abby and she is a Hitodetchi now. She is a little starfish looking critter. :) That's all I've got for now. Hopefully, the next update won't take a week. ;)


Tuesday, March 28, 2017: Anna was gone when I got up this morning. I got off work at 4 pm and named the baby girl she left behind, so here's to Carly who is sleeping soundly in her child form as a Marutchi.

Abby changed into an Oniontchi when I took her off pause this afternoon. I really have no idea as to what determines the characters on the V2, or really the V1 for that matter. It makes for a very surprising adulthood and I really enjoy that about these Tamas. Now I am going to watch an episode of Weeds and relax before bed.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017: It is hard to believe that March month is almost over. Work has been busy so I haven't been bringing my Connections with me to the office at all. I'm just not that confident in my caretaking ability with these new Tamas. And the fact that there is a built-in pause feature makes me feel less guilty about putting them in stasis during the workday.

Carly and Abby had some awake time this evening while Matt was here doing laundry. The Oniontchi stay up until 9 PM so Abby got to watch an almost full episode of Weeds before going to bed for the night. :) Oh yes and they both hung out in the living room while I cooked chicken alfredo pasta for all of us. The news stations are calling for some nasty weather over the course of the next four days so I foresee a lot of time at home with these two Tams. :) *fingers crossed for a day off work!!*

Oh yes, I might also mention another guilty pleasure of mine that I think I have already spoken of in a previous entry... I am addicted to the MTV reality show Teen Mom OG. I watched 16 and Pregnant back in 2009 and then never continued on with it.  Well, a few weeks back I picked up watching Teen Mom because I remembered those girls really well from the pregnancy aspect of the show.  It's really just a bunch of drama in a bunch of young people's lives, but I just can't help myself. Caitlyn and Tyler are definitely my fave people in the show! Gotta love them!

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