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January 2019

Tuesday, January 1, 2019: It's 2019 and it's 2:06 in the morning. I'm getting a head start on the New Year and jumping right into business. I got home from a friends house not long ago and I paused all my Tamas for this. Since GigaPet's do not pause I ended up having to bring Jasper with me to the gathering and he was a very good little Koala. I put him to bed shortly before 10PM so he missed the fireworks. ;) Jenny's dad drove us home which worked out really well or else we may have been waiting on a cab for a while...!

8:13PM: Sad news to report this evening: Jasper passed away at 22 years. I heard that if the health went below 95 past a certain age that GigaPet's die, and it was sadly correct in Jasper's case. He is a cute little Koala angel now with wings. I will post a picture if I can....! Bye bye little one..!

On a happier note, Havi became a Kabutchi, the Gen3 male adult on Osutchi this evening! :) And how cool is it that he came from a Propelertchi which Havi was before changing tonight. ;) I am still waiting for a change from Doris, my Nikatchi.. I hope I get someone new!!! I've been pausing them when I know I can't be there for them such as I did earlier while eating dinner at my grandmothers.

10:06PM: A winter storm is brewing outside and no more Tama changes to note for tonight. I think Doris will change first thing tomorrow morning, and Leena as well who is still an Oniontchi.


Wednesday, January 2, 2019: I have to go back to work tomorrow after being off since the end of October.... I'm very stressed out... :( I don't even know how I'm going to get through the day tomorrow....


Thursday, January 3, 2019: I am really disorganized with my Tamas and the order in which they have been changing lately and I went back to work today. So I am going to jump in and start with my V1's: Leena changed into a Gozarutchi who is going to marry Gus, a Memetchi (purple V1) who is a bit older than her. Leena will be 6 tomorrow so she should be ready by then. :)

Next up is V2's: Doris changed into adulthood yesterday (just shortly after or before Leena changed) and I got yet another Kusatchi! Oh well, they're a sweet little plant creature. I've been connecting Doris with Havi a lot and they have hearts for each other. Pretty soon they will be ready to mate.   The matchmaker came for Loni, my other Kusatchi yesterday afternoon and now he has a baby boy!  I'm hoping Doris and Havi have baby girls so Loni's son can have a mate later in life. I really enjoy connecting my V2's -- more options than the V1's. But I still adore my V1's all the same. <3

Time to get things ready for the morning. Leena accompanied me to work today along with Pikachu on my belt --Got a 7564 steps in today! I hope tomorrow is easier than today was at work....! Though it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Anyways.... :)


Friday, January 4, 2019: Today was a good day! Work went well, and I brought Leena and Pikachu with me. I didn't get home to Mom's till about 6:30 and I unpaused the rest of my crew. I wasted no time and connected Doris and Havi, followed by Leena and Gus. Both couples wiggled and had babies at the same time. DorisHavi had girls, and LeenaGus had boys. :) I am sooooo happy! Lots of potential for mating compatibility in the next generation. :)

In other news I hatched a little Genjintch tonight. This is my first time running this Tama in ten years! I've given him the name Bones which is what I named him ten years ago as well. I need to find a growth chart so I can find out the names of the characters as I really know very little about this Tam.


Sunday, January 6, 2019: I had a good weekend! And today I slept quite a bit which was nice. Nothing has changed with my group of Tamas, except Loni left his son yesterday. I've named him Hue and only now getting around to raising him through his Babitchi stage. I paused all Tamas today while I was napping just because the Babitchi's are so delicate, even when in the care of the parents.

Update!! Hue changed into a Kinakomotchi! All are sleeping now except for Leena who will be up until 10:15. Bones has been rather demanding today. He drops all hearts in about 20 minutes if you don't keep ahead of it! I will definitely be needing pause breaks with this guy.


Monday, January 7, 2019: I was left with four babies all by themselves this morning!! A lot of babies indeed. Leena, Gus, Doris and Havi all left their children. In the same order, I am now raising Clif (Marutchi), Igor (Marutchi), Nela (Hitodetchi) and Liss (Marutchi). I have a ton of Marutchi. :) I have not yet decided who to pair together....!

Bones is still a Kuromarutchi, the child character. Thanks Shawn for the chart!!! This Tamagotchi actually can devolve -- yes! It can reverse stages if you take bad care. I found this very interesting when I read that earlier from Shawn.


Tuesday, January 8, 2019: Late this afternoon Hue changed from a Kinakomotchi into a Itchigotchi! I missed that little strawberry. :)

In other thoughts I've decided that Clif & Liss and Nela & Hue will be partners down the road. Hopefully I get as lucky as I did last time and have a set of boys and a set of girls to cross pollinate into the next generations. :) Igor will have to rely on a matchmaker. I expect these four child Tamas to follow in Hue's footsteps by morning and change into teens...! I'm excited to see who I get, esepcially on my V2's!!

Bones asked for two praises this evening and I've been doing good with not letting the hearts drop to empty. He is still a Kuromarutchi and I'll be interested to see when he changes into a teenager.

Rough week at work so far.... I am seeing my doctor tomorrow.... I just really feel like I'm in limbo right now with my life. I'm mortified by my mental health and how much it keeps me from my job.... I'm scared for the future...! Work has always been so understanding of me, but I just always fear in the pit of my stomach that one day they will say enough is enough, we cannot help you anymore. It's been really hard mentally thinking about all this. I took a lot of comfort in caring for my Tamas this evening while chatting to my Mom about all this. Must get to bed now...!


Thursday, January 10, 2019: I've had changes and they all occurred yesterday. Clif changed into a Hinotamatchi, Igor a Hinotamatchi, Liss a Nikatchi, and Nela a Propellertchi. Hue of course became an Itchigotchi the day before those three. So I have all teens now!

I rested a lot today. Big changes coming soon with regard to medications I am on. And changes that go beyond medication like swimming and possibly even yoga. I am determined to get better!


Saturday, January 12, 2019: I just got home from a quick little walk that energized me a little. Baby steps all the way! I am waiting for adults on all five of my Connection Tamas. And Bones is still in the Kuromarutchi stage due to pausing. He is up to half on the discipline meter now, though!

I went into EB Games tonight and bought a Original Tamagotchi 2018 Gen2 Tama which is white with green border and buttons, and P2 characters all over the shell. I'm in love with this Tama but I have not taken it out of the packaging yet. I'm running six Tamas as it is right now. ;) After buying my Tama I went and had dinner at Swiss Chalet with Mom and other family members.

I'm enjoying being home tonight as I was out this time last Saturday. Drinking really hasn't been good for me lately, and while I have a blast while I'm doing it.... The days after I am anything but happy. I started drawing again tonight and I'm hoping this will be something I can add to my daily routine, just like Tamas. :)


Sunday, January 13, 2019: I had this all written and then my web browser crashed before I was able to hit save. Grumble. So I'm going to be quick and to the point: 4 changes today. Clif changed into Tarakotchi, Liss a Kutchipatchi, Nela a Memetchi, and best of all Hue became a Torotchi!!!! I finally got that smiling cutie who resembles Ginji so much. :) so happy!!! I'm still waiting on a change from Igor, but I pause him all day and put him to sleep at night. I want to see what lots of sleep brings my way for little Igor. :)

Bones had a little time off pause this evening, but not much. He will most definitely be growing a slow life. Just home from a drive with my good friend who I actually showed my site to the other day. :)


Monday, January 14, 2019: Eeeek!!! Bones died on me tonight at age 11. :( I thought things were going so well. I was feeding him snacks quite a bit the last few days.... I wonder if that was why. I restarted him again just a few minutes ago and this time I will only play games. I am going to dub this Tama Bones II.

No other changes to report. My adult Tamas are doing fine, and Igor is still a Hinotamatchi. Sharee and Gerald just left after being over for a visit!

I just gave Hue a love potion that I bought and I'm going to connect him with Nela. :) This will mean less connecting and faster mating. Torotchi looks sooooo cute after having taken the love potion!!!!! And now they have hearts for each other. Clif and Liss will just have to do it the old fashioned way. ;)


Wednesday, January 16, 2019: The last two days my Tamas were paused due to the fact that I have strep throat. I had a mating malfunction with Hue and Nela when I connected them this afternoon. Nela connected with Hue, but Hue failed to connect with Nela. He still appeared on her screen, though and she had baby girls. Sadly Hue was disconnected and didn't get to meet his baby.  :( Hue will have to rely on Liss if she will take him as her groom....!


Thursday, January 17, 2019: Today Hue the Torotchi and Liss the Kutchipatchi came together and had baby boys together. I'm sure Nela will understand that he didn't mean to run out on her. ;) In other thoughts my V1's, Clif and Igor have been paused during matchmaker hours so they are still childless. I hope Cliff isn't too bitter about loosing Liss to Hue. :P

I love my Tamas, but I feel like I may have bit off more than I can chew with 5 connections going right now. I would like to maybe keep a V1 and V2 going, so I can add a Keitai in the mix at some point? And of course I have the Genjintchi, Bones II who hasn't even made it out of the child stage yet. Ten years ago when I was raising Connections I stopped raising them at the V2. I never even made it to the Keitai!! Or maybe I did and just remember none of it... Either way, I know there are so many more versions to get through and I want to enjoy them all.


Friday, January 18, 2019: Nela was gone when I awoke this morning, and I'm now raising her daughter Rizo. I just fed her a lollypop and that is the babitchi's favorite food! Lucky guess! I will see what she changes into shortly.

Clif had a visit from the matchmaker at 10AM and he now has a baby girl alongside him. :) I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that Clif is my 35G!! Before long I will be up to 40! Hue and Liss are still with their son's but I know they will be leaving tomorrow.

I went to dinner with my friend this evening but had to come home earlier than expected due to a bad stomach. Thankfully I'm feeling much better now and just enjoying alone time with Tams.


Saturday, January 19, 2019: Hue and Liss were gone this morning when I woke up. I named only Liss's son so far and his name is Duan. Rizo changed into a Kuribotchi after last night, and Duan is a Kinakomotchi. They are going to be lovers when they grow up!  I have a feeling that Clif will be leaving tonight. I'll be sure to raise his baby as soon as I get up tomorrow.

Later: I'm sitting up in bed not quite ready for sleep yet and decided to name Hue's son Berq. I'm too tired to raise him right now, but at least I have a name picked out.


Sunday, January 20, 2019: Clif wasn't ready to go home last night, but I'm pretty sure he will be gone when I get up in the morning. Rizo changed into a UFO-tchi this morning while I was still sleeping, and later on Duan became a Young Mimitchi.  As for Berq, I raised him through his babitchi stage this evening and he changed into a Kinokomotchi and went right to bed.

I took Igor off pause tonight after a long time in stasis and I've decided I'm going to let him grow into the old man. :-)

And now for the latest news: Bones II changed into a teenager tonight! He is the unhealthy teen, Dotetchi. He looks like some form of a monkey...! He is asleep now so I haven't had a lot of time with him yet. I'm not sure if he will be less demanding in this stage or not. I'm just really happy he made it this time!

I'm not sure how easy sleeping will be tonight as I'm worrying and obsessing over things at the moment. I find nighttime the worst for that... It's my favorite time sometimes and other times not. Everything looms much bigger after dark....!


Wednesday, January 23, 2019: I've been busy the last few days and I feel a little better about things. I've been raising the daughter Clif left behind: Her name is Freya and she's a Young Mimitchi.....I've been thinking that I'm going to let her and Igor, my other V1 Tama grow into the oldies. :) I think they will be easy to care for and leave me more time to dedicate to my V2's.

Rizo is a UFO-tchi, Duan is a Young Mimitchi, and Berq as of today is also a UFO-tchi.  I have no idea who any of them will change into but I'm hopeful for someone new. Shawn gave me lovely sheets full of the V2 and V3 characters that I can put a checkmark next to. :) Very pleased with those as well as the Tama Mini and a Nintendo 3DS game!!

I'm waiting to hear back from Heavenly Creatures to see if I can assist in the transportation of animals in need. My neighbor transports stray cats all the time and it might be a nice thing for me to do while I'm weening off my Zoloft. This could be my purpose and maybe even the start of a whole new part of my life..:)


Thursday, January 24, 2019: Today I slept in late and a couple of changes took place. I'm not sure who changed first, but Rizo is now a Mametchi and Duan a Memetchi. I was disappointed not to have gotten someone new, but Berq has still yet to change into adulthood so I'm not giving up hope yet. ;)

I'm still waiting for Freya to grow into an adult, and Igor is almost ten years old now so I'm excited to see the oldie character. :) I will get my first ever Oldie from Igor!!! I'm excited!  On a non-Tama related note: I'm still waiting to hear back about the Heavenly Creature's volunteer driver position...! I hope it is a good fit for me and that it's rewarding and fun.


Friday, January 25, 2019: Rizo and Duan made baby girls this evening. :) I am looking forward to raising yet another new generation in hopes of new characters! I'm still waiting for Berq, my UFO-tchi to change into adulthood and I hope I get something new.   I've been loosing myself in Animal Crossing: New Leaf all evening and wandering through youtube mindlessly. It actually turned out to be a better night than I thought it would.


Sunday, January 27, 2019: The weekend certainly went by fast and I only have a couple of changes to report, the first being Berq changing into a Pochitchi yesterday...! I'm not as disappointed as you think -- I actually like him a lot better on the V2 than I did the P2. :) Rizo and Duan have been paused this weekend so they are still with their daughters.   As for my V1's, Freya became a Memetchi today and Igor changed into the old man!!! I'm going to let Freya become the old woman and see what kind of baby they produce!

Still no changes with Bones II. He is fully disciplined now so I anticipate a change soon, but then again I do pause him a lot some days.

I've been playing a fair amount of Animal Crossing this weekend and it feels soooo good to be back into this wonderful game. I have been carrying my 3DS around with me so I am able to play it whenever I want. Tonight I played at my Nan's house while the others were playing a card game. :) I also had Freya with me and the others stayed home on pause.


Tuesday, January 29, 2019: I've paused Berq and Duan the last couple of days and didn't put them to bed. Rizo left today and I named her daughter Brie...! I've been pausing Igor during the nights to preserve him for Freya -- she won't be an old woman for a while yet, and I don't know if they 'expire' after a certain date.

Bones changed into an adult today named Genjintchi! Yes the characters name is that of the Tama itself. :) He resembles that of a male and carries around a drumstick or instrument of some kind.  Definitely the most exciting thing to happen today with my group of Tamas! I had an appointment with my GP this morning and she has recommended I go for some psychology counseling. I have a number I can call from my work assistance program and as hard as it is for me I know I have to do it.... My mind has been dark the last couple of days. :(


Wednesday, January 30, 2019: Today started off rocky but turned out to be a great day. I hung out with Matt for a bit this afternoon and then went home for my dinner. After dinner I went out with my friend Caleb.  Came home and went for a walk.  Came home and drew... Oh yes and I played Animal Crossing in between there. And now I'm in bed! No changes to take note of today in the way of Tamas. :) I decided to put my clear purple V2 into stasis for now.... So I'm down to 2 V1's and 2 V2's now, plus my Genjintch. One less Tama really made the difference. :)

Today I decided that Brie and Berq are going to be lovers down the road. Berq will have to spend some time on pause so that Brie can catch up to him. :) I've been having to do the same with Igor so that Freya can become an old woman...! And then they will produce Oyajitchi's. :)


Thursday, January 31, 2019: I accidentally accepted a matchmaker request for Freya earlier this evening so she has a baby boy now. Poor Igor will have to wait for love....! Brie changed into a Young Mimitchi this morning while I was still sleeping. :)

My Tamas got to watch the movie The Help with me late this afternoon. Great movie...! They've also been spending time by my side while I draw a new sketch. Currently Bones and I are watching some history on the Club Kids of the 1990's.

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