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August 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018: I have gotten so behind on updating because my Tams have been paused a great deal. Clint, Perth and Rosie all had baby boys who were left to their own devices this morning. Actually Clint and Perth had their baby boys together, and now I have an all boys generation on all three.

So let's get down to business here. Clint and Perth had baby boys whom I named Nate and Aaron. After which I raised Rosie's son whom I named Garet. Nate and Aaron changed into Kinakomotchi toddlers, and Garet a Hitodetchi. Let's hope I can do a better job with these Tams considering my last generations lasted over a month time span!!


Wednesday, August 8, 2018: This morning I woke up with a terrible cough... What is it with me and getting sick on my vacations?? I need to clean up my act. Better yet I run out the door for an appointment at 9:00 and left my poor Tams unattended. Thankfully I made it home in time. Busy day... More tomorrow.


Thursday, August 9, 2018: I have been down and out with a cold, but it hasn't stopped me either. My Tamas have also been growing steadily. Aaron and Garet changed into Oniontchi's, while Nate became a Young Mimitchi. I have no idea how I got him since I neglected Nate and Aaron equally. I took very good care of Garet, and still ended up with Oniotchi... Interesting... I've been neglecting all calls for praise and discipline with Nate and Aaron and hope I get anyone but Tarakotchi.


Friday, August 10, 2018: It's been a really nice and slow week being off work, and to think I have all of next week off as well. :) This time a week ago I was dying to get out of work. I am hoping this cold will clear up soon.... I was hanging out with Matthew last night for a little while, just chatting and catching up, and he convinced me to buy dristan. Well it definitely cleared up my sinuses. I feel 50% better from that alone.

I have Nate (young Mimitchi) age 2, Aaron (Oniontchi) age 2, and Garet (Oniontchi) age 2, all lined up beside me here on my bed. They should all end up changing around the same time. I hope I get someone other than Tarakotchi!  On another note: It has been a while since I listed off the generation counts. Nate is 22G!, Aaron is 8G!, and Garet is 13G! I can't believe how far they've all come. :) To many more generations and characters!


Saturday, August 11, 2018: Today has been a horrible day... I have been crying and sleeping on and off. But I did get to see my friend this evening, and she took me to see the seals out in Middle Cove. I am feeling really low right now though.... Luckily my Tamas brought a smile to my face this afternoon when they changed. Nate and Aaron both changed into Gozarutchi, one of the two masked characters on Connection. Shawn helped me crack the code to getting these guys. I am still waiting for Garet to change into his adult form which I know will happen tomorrow. Off I go for hopefully a better nights sleep...


Sunday, August 12, 2018: Today I knew Garet would be changing into his adult form. I was hanging out at China's place when the changing tune took place... And I ended up with none other than Tarakotchi. I was very disappointed, but not at the same time because I am just so happy to have gotten the Gozarutchi twins with Nate and Aaron. :) I can't wait to get the Maskitchi in the next generation.

Tomorrow I am going to take my friends advice to begin drawing again.  Though I may be busy with China again tomorrow as I want to make the most of the time we have left this August. :)  She has been there for me every day since my breakup with Matthew, as have many others.  But China has been that freeing spirit I've needed in my life for many years now. I will talk more about what we have been up to in my next blog entry. Lots to talk about!


Wednesday, August 15, 2018: I am a very happy camper with my 3 Tams. This afternoon after I got out of the bath, I came into my room to see the matchmaker had arrived for Nate and Aaron. They had a boy and a girl which I was very happy about. :) I am still waiting for a visit for Garet and I believe that will happen tomorrow. The son and daughter of Nate and Aaron will be mates next generation. I can't recall who has the boy and who has the girl, and I am too lazy to check as they are sleeping on my night stand. :)

Bit of a rocky day today.... I have my good moments and bad... Trying to make the most of the good moments. :) China came and hung out twice today. Very relaxing day.


Thursday, August 16, 2018: As predicted, the matchmaker came for Garet this morning, bringing him a P2 Zukitchi. He has a baby girl at his side now, and she will rely on the matchmaker in the next generation.

I've decided on the name Tess for Nate's daughter, and Ty for Aaron's son. I feel like they will be a very happy couple when they are adults like their Dad's. :) We are having a lazy day about the house today. Thunder and lightening showers occurred last night and expecting more to come later on today. I still need to think of a name for Garet's daughter. I also want to eat something delicious and watch a movie in this overcast, muggy weather....


Friday, August 17, 2018: Nate and Aaron were gone when I woke up this afternoon....Yes...This afternoon.  I have Tess and Ty on the naming screens but have yet to press B to raise the babies. I don't have a lot of motivation today... Garet is still alongside his daughter, but he will most definitely depart after midnight tonight. I think I am going to give his daughter the name China, after a dear friend of mine.

Last night I stayed up late and watched the movie Prozac Nation... It didn't do much for my depressed mood. My Tamas were also long asleep by that time. Maybe I will choose something nicer to watch with them today.

Later: I raised Tess and Ty through their baby stage and ended up with two sweet Marutchi's. :) I slept most of the day away and never got up till close to 4pm. Actually I did wake up at about 12 noon, ate some cereal, and then got back in bed and watched some episodes of the old reality TV show, The Girls Nexdoor (Hugh Hefner and the Playboy bunnies).... I am really not a fan of any of those girls, but Holly Madison is just so God damn gorgeous, I couldn't resist but to watch some episodes. :)

It's after midnight, and I have Tess and Ty paused as I know I won't be up for them at 8AM. I just checked on Garet's screen--he has departed and left China alone. I will raise her when I wake up tomorrow! I will have all toddlers at that point!

Oh I nearly forgot to mention that I started watching the movie Bad Teacher this evening. I have seen this one before, but I wanna watch it again. I will wait until tomorrow to continue watching as I definitely want my Tamas to see.. Though they really might be too young to watch such a hilariously crude movie. ;)


Sunday, August 19, 2018: I am not a happy camper thinking about going back to work tomorrow.... So I am going to make this post quick. Tess and Ty both changed into Hinotamatchi's this morning while I was still sleeping. They never woke up again until 10AM. I have been neglecting them in hopes of a Maskitchi adult. :)

China was raised yesterday and she is not a Hitodetchi star fish toddler. :) I love that little character so much. That's all I got for this evening!


Tuesday, August 21, 2018: I just got home from my friend China's and made a sad discovery when I took Ty out of my pocket. My Hinotamatchi was no longer there, and an angel in his place. :( I was crushed.... But I wasted no time in restarting my purple V1. I got a girl so I decided to name her Tya. She only just hatched a few minutes ago. Man... I am glad it wasn't my baby blue V1 that died as I have that Tam up to 23G!! Purple V1 was under 10G.

With the death of Ty, and the birth of Tya, Tess no longer has a man in her life. So it is going to be a matchmaker for all three of my little ones. Tya will change into a Marutchi within the hour. And both Tess and China are Hinotamatchi. China actually changed just after I got home from work earlier.  So for a couple of hours I had 3 Hinotamatchi.

Another thing that comes to mind now is aiming for the Androtchi/Hanatchi character on Tya, as I am really not in the mood to neglect that purple Tama again. Shawn gave me written instructions that I followed back in 2017 to get Hanatchi, so maybe this time I will get Androtchi, the cute little robot. :-)

10:03PM: Tya just finally made it through her Babytchi stage, changing into a Marutchi and falling right to sleep. I paused her as I am not going to have time to care for a toddler at work tomorrow. I will bring Tess and China with me tomorrow as they are older and much easier to care for. :)


Sunday, August 26, 2018: Quick update as I am really tired and have to be up for work in the morning. Tess changed into a Maskitchi days ago, which is exactly whom I was hoping for. Tya has spent a lot of time on pause so she is still a Marutchi.... Can't believe I am back to generation 1 on Purple Tama.  This evening China changed into her adult form to become a Butterflytchi. :) It's an all girls group we have here now, so Mrs. Busybody will most definitely be needed when everyone becomes of age.

It has been a really busy weekend for me, and I never had any time to myself.   I have been watching the movie Call Me by Your Name with my Tamas this evening, but I don't know if I am going to be able to stay awake for the entire thing.


Monday, August 27, 2018, 11:44PM: I am in bed ready to go to sleep. This afternoon when I got home from work, I took Tya off pause and she went from being Marutchi to Itchigotchi, a normal change. I am going to let the hunger hearts drop to empty now so I can get Hanatchi. :)

I brought Tess and China with me to work today.  They were very easy to care for. Was able to go hours at times and not worry about them. Speaking of China -- she and I went and visited Matt's tonight, and I hope that maybe things can start looking up again.... I missed the three of us hanging out together.

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