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January 2017

The beginning..!

Sunday, January 29, 2017: Here we are into a brand new section of ginjirotchi.ca! Who would have thought that one day I would finally go beyond my vintage Tamas and actually hatch a Tamagotchi Connection? Well, that day has finally come and I am giddy with excitement. :) When I first created this website I made a promise to myself that I would raise every one of the Bandai Tamagotchi in a somewhat decent order (it's hard to get the release dates all correct). I never did get a Santa Clautch no Tamagotch, but I did get the Devil and Yasashii Tamas. So when I made pages about those two incarnations I figured that it be about time that I move forward in my Tamagotchi Journey.

The Tamagotchi Connection I have chosen to hatch is a lovely baby blue coloured one with a dark navy logo "Tamagotchi Connection" at the top. The Tama came with stickers in the packaging but I decided to just leave the Tama as is. I think the simplicity of colours can be quite nice at times.

So at 3:36 pm I set the time on my baby blue Tama and then was brought to a screen where I had to put in today's date and the date of my birthday. After completing this I was brought back to the screen with the bouncing egg, and within about a minute it hatched to be a baby boy. :) I named him Donal - short for my God Child, Donald. He hatched into a P1 Babitchi. I already recognize a familiar face in this new Tama!

I fed and played with him right away and he drank from a bottle for his meal. Then I had the option of two games for his happiness, "Dance" and "Jump". I chose the jump game which is jumping over hurdles, and I won 30/30 hurdles which he was extremely happy about. Shortly after that he pooped and got sick so I took care of that.  The Babitchi stage is very time consuming just like a P1/P2.

I won two more games in a row of jump with 30/30!! Woohoo!! Then at exactly 4:09 he fell asleep for a power nap. It wasn't long before he woke again and then found him with tears flooding out of his eyes. He looked so sad on the screen and I went to the discipline icon to see that there were two options - "time out" and "praise". I chose to praise him and then he was really happy. That praise added one bar to the training meter. I like the idea of praise better than a timeout or discipline, but I guess you gotta have a happy medium of both. I wish there were those options on the vintages!

At 4:42pm he began to shimmer and beep and I knew he was changing. What better character could Donal have changed into than a Marutchi? :) And a vibrant bouncy Marutchi at that! You should see this little guy move! The animations are so crisp and detailed! I could never replicate them on my animation program. Now that he has changed into the child stage he is not demanding, but I plan to keep a very close eye on the little guy. Now I shall go and prepare some dinner for myself. (click on the image to the right to see Donal larger)

As I sat down to eat dinner I looked down at Donal to see him rolling back and forth on the screen, as in rolling on his head. It was just the cutest thing ever! And now he is doing it again! Oh, sweet Jesus! This Tamagotchi is just the sweetest!!! I fed him a loaf of bread while I ate and that was the first time I fed him as a Marutchi. He is a very easy going little guy.


Monday, January 30, 2017: Today Donal was wide awake at 8AM, having gone to bed at 8PM last night, he got a full 12 hours of sleep -- I wish I were so lucky. ;) I was up and ready for him at 8:00 being that I had to be at a doctors appointment for 9:00. I laid in bed for a little while and played jump with him and then paused him until I got home from the appointment.

When I got back to the house, Matt was with me and he agreed to hatch a Tama Connection with me. He hatched a lovely white Tamagotchi with a dark blue logo atop the egg. He got a girl and named her Babe.  She and Donal have been visiting with one another and playing games this evening. Donal kept insisting on giving poor Babe poop, but Babe rose above the immaturity and gave him a piece of cake. :)

Matt just left my place a half hour ago and forgot Babe so she will spend the night here with my Tamas..... I am not sure how this caretaking is going to go for Matthew. He only just barely raised three DigiMon with me in the past year. The Tama Connection might be too much for him.....


Tuesday, January 31, 2017: Donal made a series of beeps first thing after he woke up this morning and changed into the teenage character, Itchigotchi. After that, he went back to sleep for another hour until 9AM. He is a really cute looking little strawberry!!

Babe spent the night at my house last night and today has been reunited with Matt again. I've been taking care of her, however.... I'm not sure how reliable a parent Matt will be to poor Babe... Thank God there is a pause feature on these Tams. I connected them a few times already today and they seem to be getting along better. I will update later when Babe changes into a teenager. But I will leave you with this adorable little image of her rolling across the screen. I wasn't able to take a photo of Donal rolling, but I managed to get one of Babe. :) So cute!!!

Update!! Matt had to go for an MRI this evening and before we left, Babe changed into an Itchigotchi.  We didn't know how long or how stressful things were going to be at the hospital, so I paused both Donal and Babe before we left. Matt did fine and he will get his results in a week or so.  I just got home a few minutes ago and took the Tamas off pause. They went to sleep right away. They will wake at 9AM tomorrow at which point they will probably be on pause because I am going for a stress test in the morning. Wish me luck!!!

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