20th Anniversary Tamagotchi P1 & P2

Thursday, January 11, 2018:

It's hard to believe I am actually making a page about something I only dreamed of happening. On November 23rd, 2017 Bandai re-released the original Tamagotchi in celebration of over 20 years of their first debut. They released the original six colors of Japanese P1 Tamagotch, and four of the original Series 1 Japanese P2 Tamagotch. I did a pre-order on Hobby Link Japan and received two of my five Tamas on January 8th at which point I hatched my white with black buttons Tama.

And before I go any further I just want to thank Kat for her permission to use this background which I have always loved. This background is that of her old updates page at mimitchi.com. :)2017 Tamagotchi

Upon starting it for the first time I noticed just how well Bandai did at recreating the little gem from 1996. The sound was more crisp, the buttons easy to the press, and overall everything just feels NEW and in good working order. It feels like you are holding a brand new Tamagotchi as if it were the year 1997 all over again. The Babitchi stage seemed pretty much the same to me, but when he changed into a Marutchi is when things got more strange..... He got sick a TON of times, asked for a total of 9 disciplines, far exceeding the usual four that a Marutchi would require to be 100% disciplined on a 1997 P1. He continued to be sick every day, several times a day from the day I hatched him, until the day he died, which was today (January 11). I was reluctant to restart him after he died so fast. I know I that I never took bad care of him, so maybe this is just some random thing that Bandai threw in for the Anniversary Tams? Real nice Bandai.... I was looking forward to raising him to adulthood..

Either way I ended up hatching him again when I got home from work. At 4:11PM I pressed A & C and restarted a new egg. I fed him snacks through the Babitchi stage this time, which I never did the first time because I heard that people felt snacks affected their lifespan. Well I fed my first hatched Tama no snacks and he still died, so this time I just fed him snacks as a baby. Once he evolved into Marutchi I resumed playing the game again.


Friday, January 12, 2018: Well it has been a swell day so far (*knock on wood*) with Marutchi. He asked for discipline at the following times today: 11:21, 12:29, and 4:20. His discipline meter reads 75% but I know that will soon change as he asked for so many disciplines last time. I hope and pray that I make it to the teen stage this time! I absolutely love this little Tama, but I will be really peeved if I don't get an adult....! He has yet to get sick on me so that is a blessing. Let's hope his health stays well. :)

He went to bed at 8:00 and he was not sick once today! Let's pray this keeps up. :)


Saturday, January 13, 2018: I am very pleased to say that Marutchi has been doing exceedingly well compared to my first hatched baby. I slept in this morning and awoke at 10:20 to the sound of my beeping Tama. He was now fully disciplined at 100%, but asked for two more disciplines at 5:20 and 6:20 making him now technically 150% disciplined. The best news of all is that he has not gotten sick once. It is now 7:47PM, just 13 minutes before bed time. I have not paused him at all and not so much as changed the clock so maybe this has something to do with why my last one died?

Another factor I believe could have caused my first ones death was this: I would try and feed him meals when he was not2017 Tamagotchi Marutchi hungry and had no hearts empty. I was able to do this always with my 1997's and it wouldn't have any affect on their health. Maybe the 2017's are more sensitive? I will be experimenting with this more in the future, but for now I just want my Marutchi to grow into teenhood. :)

Had a really busy day today! I am glad I got to sleep in tho! I made it to work for 11:20AM and clocked in two hours of overtime. Felt good to get that out of the way and then I met up with Matt, Adam and Dylan. Dropped the two guys home and then Matt and I went to Pet City and got ourselves a new Hamster! He is really cute, but soooooo traumatized by the upheaval from the pet store. I hope he comes around more soon..... Either way, I am out of here to play Nintendo Wii with the gang (Adam, Matt, Dylan, Basil).  I will update hopefully next time with news that my Marutchi changed into a Tamatchi. :)

10:29PM: Well I held out for 15 minutes playing Nintendo Wii with everyone. I just couldn't sit there that long when I wanted to be here on my MacBook updating my pages. Ginjirotchi (purple/blue Tama) and Zukitchi (beige/black Tama) are still here awake with me. Ginji is 13 and got his first sickness today so he will be turning needy soon. Zukitchi is quite needy at the age of 13... He won't be around for much longer.


Sunday, January 14, 2018: Well today was a good day! I slept in till nearly 11:00AM but woke to a wonderful surprise. Marutchi had grown into Tamatchi sometime this morning while I slept in. I checked his stats right away and his discipline had gone down to 50%. He was technically at 150% as I mentioned in yesterdays post.

Anyways I ended up going into work shortly after getting up and ready and I brought my Tamas with me. I kept a close eye on Tamatchi and literally have not let him out of my sight. I am kinda tired and not in the mood to do pictures today so I will just say that he is really cute and just like Tamatchi from 1997. He asked for discipline at 1:20PM (75%) and again at like 6:20PM (100%). He always asks for discipline at 20 minutes after the hour. It is a trend I've noticed for days now.

Tonight I lost Zukitchi on my beige/black Tama at only 14. So it was then I decided it was time to hatch that clear green Tama I got on Friday afternoon. :) I pulled the tab and hit reset and set the time for 6:30. By 6:35 I had a Shirobabitchi burst out of the black egg. He was a Shirobabitchi for exactly 1 hour and 5 minutes. He changed into Tonmarutchi (who is just as cute as he was back in 1997) at 7:40 and I then had 20 minutes to spend with him before he went to sleep at 8:00PM. I am excited to see him wake up tomorrow at work!!!!

Okay so I changed my mind and decided that these guys are just too cute NOT to post pictures of. So here are my latest treasures. :)

Clear Green 2017 Anniversary Tamagotchi and TamatchiTamatchi at age 4 and clear green P2 in egg stage Tonmarutchi clear green 2017 Anniversary TamagotchiClear green P2 Tonmarutchi


Wednesday, January 17, 2018: Today has been a REALLY good Tamagotchi day for me. :) I am gonna make this quick as I don't have a record of disciplines over the last few days and can't determine how I actually got GInjirotchi on my white w/black buttons Tama. :) And before that even happened I got Tongaritchi on my clear green P2. :) Anyways here is a picture of my two latest characters in my journey with the 2017 Tamas.

Ginjirotchi and Tongaritchi 2017 Anniversary Tamagotchi

Ginjirotchi Age 7                                                           Tongaritchi Age 4

Aren't they the cutest? I plan to be running many more of these 2017's but I am gonna keep things simple for now. When I get more time to focus all my attention on these Tamas I will maybe do a character page to see if I can hack how to get each adult. I know for certain that there is a different criteria than the 1997s.... I just haven't figured it out yet. ;)


Thursday, January 18, 2018: Today was extremely busy work wise, but very relaxing Tama wise. In fact I don't have a single thing to log for today other than to say that Ginjirotchi is 8 and very healthy and happy, and Tongaritchi is 5 and also very undemanding and pleasant to care for.

I think I mentioned in my general Tama logs that Tongaritchi on my 2017 clear green Tama has no teeth when he eats.  Jacob was the one who alerted me to this. And then today Shawn and I had a conversation about it where we thought the exact same thing. :) Shawn mentioned that he thought it was weird 21 years ago in 1997 that Tongaritchi had teeth.  And now 21 years later he said it is weird to see him without his teeth! I laughed right out loud because I thought the EXACT same.  So cute how he lost his teeth after 21 years.  And you know what?? Tamatchi's teeth remained in the 2017 edition of P1 - - why they took away Tongaritchi's teeth will be a mystery.... hehehehe... That's all for today folks. I have Facebook messages to catch up on, and I am tired after training in a new hire at work today. My next update will possibly be that of my clear green Tama changing into adulthood... :)


Sunday, January 21, 2018: I woke up to a changed clear green Tama yesterday morning.  I had been hoping for Mimitchi, but ended up with Pochitchi. But that's alright because Pochitchi has grown on me over the years. :) I used to be not so fond of him in the past....! He is 8 years old and Ginjirotchi is 11, and neither of them are needy so I decided this afternoon at 4:21 to hatch another. I hatched my clear blue with yellow buttons 2017 P1 Tama and he is a bobbing Babitchi at present time. I don't know if I want to aim for Mametchi or someone who is less healthy on the chart.... I want to obtain all of them on the 2017 Tamas. :)


Tuesday, January 23, 2018: It has been an extremely busy work week so far. So much so that I actually had to pause my Tamas for the entire work day. I HATE having to pause them, especially when I don't know whether pausing them affects lifespan/sudden death. Either way it had to be done because I was training two new employees on how to do my job.

A quick run down since the last time I wrote. I am going to go from oldest to youngest here. I have a new hatching to speak of at the end. :)  First off we have Ginji, sweet loyal Ginji at the age of 13.  Next we have Pochitchi (clear green) at age 10. Both adults are very easy to care for.

Then we have the Toddler Tamas: Marutchi (clear blue) and the newly hatched Tonmarutchi (yellow/orange). Yes that is right I am now running a total of 4 2017 Anniversary Tamagotchi. :) I think I knew this was gonna happen because I have just been so excited about getting them.   Though now I feel like I've started too many, but I am just gonna have to accept the fact that pause will be needed over the next little while.... Either way here are my current group of Tamas.

2017 Tamagotchi 1997 Anniversary 20 yearsClick Here to see Larger

Thought for the evening. Tonight I searched 2017 Tamagotchi in Google and came across this article. The photo of the lovely girl holding the three P2's was worth it for me. It is 1997 in that photo for sure. :) I wonder where that lovely girl is now and if she still remembers Tamas. :)

I've been poking around the website this evening and inserting hyperlinks and text where I see fit. Lots of little things that nobody will notice around the pages. Tamas are all asleep, and pretty soon I am going to have to be as well. I would soooo love to be able to stay up until the wee hours of the morning and work away on my webpages, but I have a real job to attend. ;)  Oh before I forget, much love and respect to the people of Tamagotchi Ancestors TA. Thanks for all your support. :)


Friday, January 26, 2018: I have had no time for updating lately aside from a quick little note in here. Today at the age of 16 poor Ginji passed away. Funny because he wasn't needy at all. But he really never got the best care this week, nor have my other Tamas.

I still have a 13 year old Pochitchi, and my two younger Tamas are both teens now. I would write more but I am exhausted. I would like to share a picture from two nights ago, though just to keep things interesting. :) I hope and pray that I get time to do detailed logs of these wonderful Tamas soon. <3

#2017 #Tamagotchi #Pochitchi #Tamatchi #Ginjirotchi #Tonmarutchi

Feeling very thankful today because of my friend Melissa at work. <3 She has been taking care of her little girls Tamagotchi at work and she had it out during the end of a meeting today. She has always made me feel so okay with being who I am, and she is the only person in the office who knows about my website or my Tamagotchi collection. She has always been a good friend and support to me at my job and I am going to give her a Tamagotchi to borrow for her little girl to test out next week. :) Her daughter has a orange peachy mini 20th anniverary Tamagotchi and she said it doesn't do enough. And I said to Melissa, I couldn't agree more. She will love the P1 I let her test out and if she likes it I am going to show Melissa where to buy one. :)


Saturday, January 27, 2018: Today I was able to sleep in.... And thankfully my Tamas were no worse for the wear #2017Tamagotchi #Masukutchi Clear Blue Tamafrom this. My big news of today is I got Masukutchi on my clear blue Tama!!! :) I am so happy. He again is just like Masukutchi from 1997....! So happy with how these Tamas were designed. Way to go Bandai! I was sketchy at first as to whether or not I was going to like them - seeing how my first character died so suddenly and young. But it turned out to be much better than I imagined. :)

I got my refurbished MacBook Pro in the mail today. Well I got the mail slip in my mailbox for it yesterday after work, and then went and picked it up at 12 noon today from the post office. I am so happy I got it. It works great! I mainly bought this computer to bring around with me and back and forth to Matt's.

Anyways I spent a lot of time driving around in my car today, both with my Mom and then with Matthew and Basil as well. My Tamas have been cared for exceptionally well today. However I did decide to let the hearts fall to empty on my Tongaritchi (yellow/orange) once this evening before he went to bed. I will be interested to see if this helps me in getting a lesser than average character, such as Hashizotchi.


Sunday, January 28, 2018: I am happy to say that I have gotten yet another adult, this time on my yellow/orange Tama. I got the average care adult Zukitchi, cousin of Masukutchi on my clear blue Tama. :) I don't know if I will get secret characters from these guys but we will soon find out.

Celebrated my grandmothers 85th birthday today and my Tamas stayed in my coat pocket upstairs. They needed nothing while I was visiting with the family. Then I went into work and did overtime for an hour. Now back at Matt's relaxing and doing stuff on my MacBook. I am currently doing a Mac OS software update so I will need to save this and let the computer restart shortly....!


Sunday, February 4, 2018: I haven't updated this part of the site in a week because I need to redo this section completely - the layout that is.   I am just writing to update on the fact that I raised a SECOND Pochitchi in a row on my clear green Tama. I had so hoped for Mimitchi but I knew I must have missed a discipline during the meeting on Friday. Oh well.... I still have Masukutchi and Zukitchi but they are becoming increasingly more needy. Both are 15 years old now cuz I aged Zukitchi a day by accident before he changed.

Work is crazy.. I have pretty much zero time to dedicate to my pages... Will update when I can!

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