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Here you will find a detailed photo account of the vast incarnations of my collection of Tamagotchi and other virtual pets. All photos listed on this page are of my personal collection.  I have been building my collection of Tamagotchi since 1997 - But most of the Tamagotchi's purchased in these photos were done in the years between 2004-2007, with several more in the years after. I hope this page is enjoyable for other Tamagotchi lovers. Click on the highligted links beside the descriptions to see the photos. :-)

2007 Collection

This is a photo that was taken in 2007 during my early collecting days.  My group of Tamas has grown a lot since then, but I smiled when I came across this photo.  You can clearly see that I had a Masukutchi on the Japanese white P1, Mimitchi on the yellow/black P2, Ginjirotchi on the clear blue P1, and I cannot recall the name of the little cactus character on the Japanese Angel off the top of my head.  Lovely little group picutre. :)

2007 Collection2

This photo was taken a couple of months after the one above.  Added to the collection this time were the OsutchiMesutchi, and the Morino Tamagotch which was running in this picture.  Also pictured here is a Tamagotchi Connection V4 which was a present from my dear friend Kat. :)


September 23, 2015:  After five days of neglect, these are the characters you will get.  I must have taken slightly better care of the orange P1 as I got Nyrotchi, but I completely neglected the purple one with NO discipline at all.  It is so hard to do, but that is what all caretakers must do if they want to get the unhealthy ones.  They are still incredibly cute and sweet. :)

Group of Four

September 30, 2015: My group of four that I had running on this date. Pictured from left to right are: Mametchi at age 20, Zukutchi at age 10, Mimitchi at age 11, and Marutchi at the new age of 3. :)

Nine Tamagotchi

October 21, 2015:  This is my group of Tamas during the time I took up the challenge to raise ten Tamas at once!  My silver P2, Kusatchi is missing from this photo because I had him home on pause. I took this photo on a lunch break at work. :)

Nine Tamagotchi

October 25, 2015:  This photo was taken a few days after the last group shot.  I had Kusatchi missing from the last one, and in this photo, one of the Ginjirotchi is missing as he passed away the day before.  Figured I would get another photo of them all together since they would all soon be departing. :)

Secret characters

December 2015: I got both secret characters at the same time! Both of these Tamas were hatched on the same day at the exact same time. :)


January 2016: This was taken at the end of my work day on January 13. This is my yellow US Angel Tamagotchi with the most healthy adult character, Futagotenshi, whom is also a secret character.  They were incredibly demanding when this photo was taken. They don't got five minutes without needing something.

Four Tamas

February 7, 2016: Here is a familiar group! If you read my Tama blogs you will know that I have had this group going for quite some time, particularly the Angel twins, Futagotenshi. From top to bottom, left to right we have Mimitchi (yellow/blue Tama), Meramon (dark blue/grey DigiMon), Futagotenshi (yellow US Angel) and Masukutchi (white Japanese Tamagotch).

Group of Three

February 13, 2016: I finally got around to hatching my blue and black Japanese P2 which is pictured on the left, a newly hatched Tonmarutchi. In the middle is my white Japanese P1, a 3 year old Tamatchi. And on the right is a familiar face, my sweet Mimitchi on my yellow/blue Tamagotchi. :)


March 2016: Here is my gorgeous yellow/leaves Morino Tamagotch. Pictured here in the second half of the babitchi stage as Imotchi, the potato grub. :)

Two Tams

April 6, 2016: This photo shows my Japanese P1 with the secret character Oyajitchi and my Morino Tamagotch with the adult of Funkorogatchi. I photographed these two separate from the rest of the group because I had to keep pressing the buttons on Morino Tama so I could get the image of the character on the screen (since the screen savor kicks in after ten seconds).

Six Tamas1

Six Tamas2

April 6, 2016: Here is the photo of my full group of Tamas that I am running as of this date. There are two photos because the first was taken before I got the Japanese secret character and the second one after I got him. Both photos came out pretty good, but the two Tonmaurtchi at the bottom are a little hard to make out. It is sooooooo hard to get a clear photo of everyone with an iPhone camera, but I make the best of what I have. :)

Group of 7

April 16, 2016: Pictured here are my group of seven Tamas that I have active as of right now. From top to bottom, left to right they are: clear white Mesutchi, clear black Osutchi (both of which are in the second half of the baby stage as MohiTamatchi), Zatchi on my US cow spotted Tama, Oyajitchi on my white Japanese P1, Morino Tamagotch who I believe was in the cocoon when this photo was taken, Zukitchi on my clear yellow Japanese P2, and last but certainly not least, Mimitchi on my bright yellow/blue Tamagotchi. :)

Mesu Osu

April 21, 2016: Here are my Osutchi Mesutchi Tamas as adults. They are the best adults of the generation 1 characters, Pyonchitchi and Pyonkotchi. I took this photo shortly before I mated them.

Group of Four

April 21, 2016: Here is my group of four that I have going as of right now. I actually had six Tamas going, but two of them died earlier before this photo was taken. This photo shows Pyonchitchi and Pyonkotchi with their babies, and the bottom two are my alien Zatchi on my cow spots Tama, and Tongaritchi on my yellow/blue Tama. :)

Mimitchi, Osu & Mesu

May 6, 2016: Here are three of my active 9 Tamas. First we have Mimitchi Tama, Mizutamatchi on my clear black Osutchi, and Mizutamatchi on my clear white Mesutchi.

Group of Eight

May 6, 2016: This photo was taken on the same day as the one above. From left to right, top to bottom we have: Masukutchi (white/blue US P1), Zukitchi (clear yellow JP P2), Masukutchi (white JP P1), Mimitchi Tamagotchi, Babymotchi (yellow/leaves Morino Tamagotch), Tabatchi (pink JP TamaOtch), Mizutamatchi (clear white Mesutchi), Mizutamatchi (clear black Osutchi).

Three Tamas

May 14, 2016: These three Tamas are my favorite characters at the moment. First off there is Mimitchi Tamagotchi which is just a given. And then we have my Osutchi Mesutchi Tamagotchi, Kabutchi and Pipotchi, with their babies. These are my favorite characters on Osu & Mesu. They are the sweetest!!!

Japanese Tamas

May 14, 2016: This photo was taken at the same time as the one above, showing Kabutchi and Pipotchi with their babies on Osutchi & Mesutchi. I added my TamaOtch in this photo, which shows a rather cute animation of Mochimotchi giving a performance. :)

June Group

June 27, 2016: Here is a fun little group of pets! You will notice right off the bat that I have a non Bandai virtual pet, my Komputer Koala GigaPet in this photo. I love this virtual pet even though it is not from Bandai. I was testing it out as I had just gotten it in the mail so I figured I would add it in the photo. There is also my 19 year old Metal Greymon on my dark blue DigiMon, my 18 year old Ginjirotchi on the clear blue P1, Mimitchi on my ever familiar yellow/blue P2, and Otototchi on my white/waves US Ocean Tamagotchi.

Four Tamas

August 21, 2016: Here are my current four Tamas as of this date. From the top we have my sweet little Mimitchi at age 22 (very demanding), my 11 year old Darkmon on the brown/black DigiMon, Maruten on my white Japanese Angelgotch, and Pukuten on my white US Tamagotchi Angel.

Group of Four

September 24, 2016: This picture is one of many that I had to take in order to get a clear shot of everyone. Up top we have my yellow/pink Mesutchi and my white/blue Osutchi; below that we have two farmiliar Tamas, Mimitchi (yellow/blue Tama) and Ginjirotchi (clear blue Tama).

3 Tamas

October 14, 2016: I took this photo when I was hanging over at Matt's on the evening of Friday the 14th. I had some time to position the Tamas and the lighting was good so I figured why not. At the top is my pair of Mesutchi and Osutchi showing Mimikotchi and Marumimitchi. Below that is my secret character, Charitchi, on my blue/black Japanese Gen2! A wonderful little group right there.

Lucky Poop

February 17 2017, : I finally got the lucky Unchikun on my Angelgotch! After 5 days left in my bedside table drawer, I opened it up to see this sparkling poop on the screen. :) This is my Japanese version Angel.

Series 1 Japanese P2

March 3, 2017: I thought I would include this photo because I love the black egg that the Series 1 Japanese P2's hatch from. The Tama is also gorgeous so I had to post it here.

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