June 2019

Part 7

Saturday, June 15, 2019: It's been quite a while since I updated but I've been playing in Ginjro every single day.  I just don't have the energy or motivation to be blogging lately.... I am so busy with work and other things that I would rather dedicate my time to actually playing the game than blogging every little thing that happens.

Summer time has been an experience so far and I've caught several new fish and bugs but I honestly expected there to be more as there is still so much to collect.  I've seen the scorpion running around twice now and one of the times I pulled out my net and then was attacked!!! I couldn't believe it.  The game actually reset itself and then I appeared back outside my house again.


Sunday, June 23, 2019: I've been really busy with work but I've been at least collecting my four fossils a day and making sure everything is neat and tidy around the town. I've destroyed and built some different public works projects but the citizens still aren't satisfied.... In other thoughts, Leonardo moved out of town and today I came upon the lot where Portia will be living.  Mira told me that she will be leaving town on the 28th and I decided to let her go.   I was never too fond of Mira to be honest, and after the incident I had with her a few weeks back I really won't miss her. :P I didn't know that the townsfolk got upset by shoving and I did not in any way mean to be a bully.   I was flat out surprised when she retaliated the way she did to my shoving her..... I've never seen a citizen get like that before LOL!

On a very awesome note, Deena will be celebrating her birthday on the 28th of this month! I am definitely going to try and go above and beyond for my sweet Deena. She is the most adorable character I've seen to date on Animal Crossing and I think she will forever be my fave. :)

Oh I nearly forgot to mention that I placed 3rd in the Bug off Tournament on the 15th. :) I was extremely happy that Deena came in first!!!! She was just so beyond proud.

Friday was the Summer Solstice and it was light out all day long. It was so beautiful and really felt like summer time.

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