August 2016

Part 3

Wednesday, August 3, 2016: As promised, I am back and into a new part of the blogs for my Animal Crossing adventures. I managed to clean up the weeds (there really weren't that many due to my beautiful towns ordinance) and paid of the remaining balance on my public works project for the park clock. That was last week and I haven't come back to my town until tonight. I went straight in to see Isabelle and she alerted me to the fact that there would be a ceremony for the completion of the clock. :) The ceremonies are always so adorable and it always makes me smile. The clock looks great next to the town hall.

Town ceremony for the completion of the park clock!

Now I have to get busy again....! I have a very bad hair-do on the go which can be seen above of me next to the park clock... :P Shawn told me this is because I never unlocked the hair salon yet. He told me that I can go get my hair done the next time I visit his town.  :) Good excuse to go and pay him a visit if I do say so.

Arrrghhh!!! As I was writing this I just had my 3DS active next to me and I heard some funny music. I looked down to see that I had gotten bit by a mosquito! And I thought that bees were the only thing I needed to be afraid of. I hope that I don't get an allergic reaction and have my eye swell shut like when I got stung by those bees.....!

Poor me!! Mosquito bites aren't fun.

That pretty much concludes today's entry. I won't bore anyone with my plans to pick fruit and collect fossils for bells.... :P Or maybe you are interested? Either way, I really hope to get into a regular schedule to keep up on my lovely town of Ginjro. A month and a half was far too long to be away from everything.


Friday, August 5, 2016: Tonight I did some scavenging about town for more fruit and fossils. I donated one fossil that was not yet present in the museum and sold the other four for bells. :) I am doing great with my money and will definitely be making a hefty payment on my mortgage very soon. Gotta start moving on up again!!! I feel like my entries are going to be rather short and sweet until I really start to get things moving in Ginjro again. With the help of Shawn and his sheet of town events that he typed up for me, I will be well on my way to making a great town with some good blog entries. :)

10:04 PM: Sooo.... I didn't realize how low the remaining balance was on my mortgage. I paid the remaining 56,011 bells balance on my loan and still have 31,432 bells at my disposal. :) I am excited to meet with Tom Nook tomorrow to discuss my renovations for my home!!!


Sunday, August 7, 2016: I never had a chance to check in on my town yesterday and only started playing this evening shortly after 9pm. I had plans to check in with Tom Nook about the expansion of my home now that my most recent mortgage has been paid off, but that can wait till some day this week. When I was greeted by Isabelle she notified me of the fireworks show that will take place every Sunday night for the rest of August. This definitely cheered me up. :-) I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow after having been off for an entire week....!

I went over to the town plaza and Isabelle and Redd were there. Isabelle gave me cute little hearts to wear on my head! And Red sold me a fortune cookie which had a ticket inside. I ate my cookie and read the ticket to see that I had won a prize! I went back to see Redd and he informed me that I had won a miniature car! Cute!!

I like the idea of these little events each Sunday! I hope that there are more months like this.....! I need to get started on a new public works project soon, and get my home expanded!


Sunday, August 21, 2016: Yet another long time in between blog posts. I had so hoped to have more time for my town and I haven't had any time at all.  I checked in with my town this evening at about 6:30pm and the fireworks were in full swing. I didn't know if Nooks was closed or not but luckily it was open. I went and visited him right away and discussed expanding my home since I paid off my mortgage on the 7th of this month. I signed on for a 298,000 bells mortgage! I will now have a second floor built onto my home and that will be completed by tomorrow morning! I am excited for this! Gonna have to work hard at paying that off -- I don't want to touch my savings. That is my nest egg for a rainy day. :)

As of 8:31pm the fireworks are still setting off in all their glory! Beautiful scene indeed! I have still yet to post the photos from August 7th.... Slacker I am....!


Wednesday, August 24, 2016: I have made time to visit my town for at least a half hour at a time over the last three nights! I came out of my house on Monday evening to see that my house renovations had been completed and boy am I happy! I love that I have a second story on my home. :) I decided to put my bed upstairs along with a couple of other items to make it more cozy. Pictures to come!

In other thoughts, I never got to meet with Tom Nook until this afternoon because every time I played the last two days, it was after 8pm and Nooks was closed. He cut right to the chase and said that I can pay back the 298,000 bells in my own time. Thank heavens for that!!!


Saturday, August 27, 2016: I have been really slack with a lot of things with my town and tonight I consulted with Shawn about some stuff that I need to do. It seems like a lot of information to take in so I am going to ask him if he can give me some tips on how to do things so that I can write them in a well fashioned manner in this blog.  I tell ya, when it comes to Tamagotchi blogging I am pretty confident in what I am doing. But Animal Crossing is another story. I truly do love this game, but I don't have the knowledge about it that Shawn has.  I have been doing well with my home expansions and paying the mortgages off in a timely manner. The public works projects were also a great success and I will do more with those in the future.

Now I have to start getting new stores unlocked, and according to Shawn I have to step up my game and start making more purchases from the various different stores.  Funnily enough, I went to the Nookling Junction this evening to buy an axe and the little guy informed me that they will be closing the store tomorrow for renovations! So this is a start! :)

I still haven't gotten around to uploading the photos of the fireworks show or my new home renovations.  I need to get cracking on a lot of stuff. This is such a fun game, but I just don't have the time to dedicate my full attention to it. I am not going to give up on it either, though!

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