April 2016

Part 1

Monday, April 4, 2016: My first day! Rover greeted me inside the train at 6:13pm and took a seat next to me. We chatted for a little while until I arrived at Ginjro station at 6:19pm. When I got off the train I was greeted by Isabelle who took me to the town hall for a run down of information. She directed me to Tom Nooks realtor shop on Main Street. After speaking with him for a few minutes, he took me around to see where I wanted to build my house. We reserved a spot right next to the recycle shop and the town hall. We set up a tent for me to sleep in for the evening. It was a really cute little setup!

My land!

Tent for the night!

I went straight back to the town hall to see Isabelle. There was nothing further I could do with that until my house was built, so I looked around town for a little while and then went to see Tom Nook again. He told me I needed 10,000 bells for the down payment on my house. I immediately went and collected cherries and sea shells for bells. :)

By 7:00 I had 6,480 bells, but then I realized there were no more shells or cherries to pick. I went and bought a fishing rod from Tommy for 500 bells and went on a fishing adventure. What a treat I was in for when I went to the recycling shop and got over 10,000 bells from Resse for all my fish. I was so excited, and I headed straight for Nooks home store -- However, since it was after 8pm the store was closed for the night. I had to wait until the next day to pay the down payment.

Gone fishin'

Shortly before I went to bed I decided to visit Shawns town. I got some lemons, coconuts and bananas. Very impressive town he has! I wasn't able to stay long, so I bubbled Shawn and insisted he walk me to the train station like a gentleman. :P So funny! I headed off to bed for the night in my little tent, looking forward to the next day when I could give my down payment. :)


Tuesday, April 5, 2016: I began playing after work at 6:00pm. I went to see Tom right away and paid my 10,000 bells and he told me that work on my house would begin the following day! I spoke further with Isabelle about my town development permit, but before we could start on that, I needed to be settled into my new house. There wasn't a whole lot I could do so I bought a shovel and planted a lemon tree from lemons that Shawn had given me the previous night. :)


Thursday, April 7, 2016: It was two days before being able to play again due to work being so busy.  When I loaded the game this on this evening my house was ready! The room is completely empty except for a little lantern that Isabelle gave to me while I was sleeping in the tent. She came and visited my place and gave me a paw print wallpaper which I put up. It is really cute!

Now that I have my house built, I can get start on my development permit, and that means gaining approval from my fellow citizens. I spoke with Isabelle about this and she told me to start by watering the flowers around town so that is what I did this evening! My rating is at 11% and I need to get to 100%.

I watered flowers with the help of Shawn who came and visited me tonight. :) He really spoiled me with goodies! He gave me a silver shovel, fishing rod and a golden watering can. He also gave me a number of assorted fruits and a gorgeous storage cabinet. And I need not forget the bells he gave me....! Can you say SUGAR DADDY? :P I love him.

I visited with Isabelle several more times this evening and after making a fossil donation to the museum and changing the town tune, I had my rating up to 18%! So I am really off to a great start here! Can't wait to make it all the way to 100%!


Friday, April 8, 2016: A Friday evening well spent improving my town. I dug up three fossils and donated them to the town museum. I checked on the two trees that I had planted last night and they grew!

Shawn gave me such a generous amount of bells that I deposited them into my bank account at the post office. I am going to be well taken care of. :)

After that I decided to meet with Isabelle go talk more about my town development. My rating went up to 25%! This is even easier than I thought it would be. Isabelle suggested that I pull up any weeds that I see around town, but I have already been doing that, so I will keep it up for sure.

I chatted with Tangy and S/he told me to keep going to Isabelle for advice. I went and picked some cherries that had grown overnight and sold them to Reese at the recycling shop. I bought a common bed from her for just 120 bells! What a deal!

I went on a fishing kick with the silver rod that Shawn gave me and I caught five fish in just a few minutes. I am loving this! I had to save and quit to drive Matthew home, but I began playing again once I got home again. I got a box of tissues for savings over 10,000 bells in my bank account and a cute chair from mom. Here is a photo of what my house looks like now!

My Humble Abode

I went and checked in with Isabelle again and my rating has risen again, this time to 30%! She suggested that I go and mingle with the town citizens and get to know them better. What better way to spend a Friday night? :) I first spoke with Chester, and he was happy to hear about my newly built home. He suggested that I go and do some shopping when I had enough bells! I will get to that in good due time. Next off I struck up a conversation with Mitzi and she introduced herself telling me she is new in town.  I met Curt and he told me that everyone is counting on me to do my best.  The pressure is on now to be a good mayor!

Shawn wants me to meet up with two of his other AC friends tomorrow via wifi. This should be interesting. I am so new to all of this.

I went and met with Isabelle again and she told me to continue socializing with the citizens, but I decided to do more fishing instead. :) I finished off the evening by watering plants around town and planting more cherry trees. I hope my two lemons trees produce lemons soon! I am very excited. :)


Saturday, April 9, 2016: Started playing just shortly after 11am this morning, and came out to see that my trees had grown lemons!!! I am so happy!! :)  Today is the fishing tourny and I am definitely going to participate.  I found two more fossils in my travels this morning and donated them to Blathers at the museum.

I spoke with Tom Nook about the house and the Happy Home Academy will be assessing the house at set times.. hmm.. I paid 5,000 bells on my house loan and I have a remainder of 34,800 bells left on my balance.

11:27: found three more fossils to donate: Diplo chest, Diplo tail, and a Megacero torso. Blathers is so happy with all the donations!!

2:00: I submitted a sea bass to the fishing tourny and so far I am in first place! I went and collected several shells and fish and got over 5,000 bells to go towards my house loan. It is now down to 29,800! :)

10:26: After going on another fishing rampage, I had more than enough bells to pay off the remainder on my house loan. I will be talking to Tom Nook tomorrow. Also.. I came first in the fishing Tourny. :) My trophy will be coming in the mail tomorrow!!


Sunday, April 10, 2016: I didn't have my notebook on hand when I began playing  today, but I was alerted upon starting my day that the former mayor was in town. Isabelle alerted me of this. The old Mayor wants me to meet him at the dock so he can give me directions to the island. Little does he know, I have Shawn to show me all of these things. ;)

I collected four more fossils for Blathers, and on the walk over to give them to him I came upon two adorable little spring chickens. Three of my four fossils were needed at the exhibit: the ankylo tail, plesio neck, and the dinosaur track. I guess I will see the fossil that he had no need for? After donating the fossils I checked on my rating and I am up to 75%! Amazing.

I went on a fishing adventure and found a Zebra Turkey fish that Eloise had been wanting. She was very happy with her present and gave me a tree standee in return. My rating went all the way to 81% after that kinda gesture. :)  Before the night was over, I made sure to go and meet Tortimer at the dock. He just wanted to talk with me about the island. Tours will start tomorrow! I hope I have enough time to play tomorrow!!


Monday, April 11, 2016: I began playing after I got home from work this evening. The skies are dark in Ginjro tonight and it looks like it may rain. Shawn told me I don't need to worry about watering flowers on days when it rains. I spoke with Isabelle right away and she told me my rating is up to 84% since last night. :)

I dug up three more fossils for Blathers at the museum: ichthyo skull, megacero tail, plesio skull. He is always so happy to get new additions for the exhibits. I wonder when I will have found them all. There will come a point I am sure when the exhibit is complete. On my way back down main street, I ran into Eloise and had a chat with her. There was an adorable little spring chicken pecking away at the ground while I was standing there. I managed to snap a photo! So cute!!!

I ran into Mitzi while I was planting a lemon tree and she asked if we could talk in private at my house. Upon walking in the front door, I realized that work had been completed on my house and the place was bigger. Mitzi just wanted to have a look at my humble home.

I had some things to do outside of my online life this evening, so I never got back to playing until much later. I decided to go and chat with Isabelle and she informed me that my rating had reached 100%! My application for the town development program has now been submitted!!! In the words of Isabelle, "I've done it!!!". :)

After I finally reached 100% rating!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016: Today was an extremely busy day, and when I got home from work I had to run errands and clean the house. I got a small amount of time to play before I went to bed. The moment I began playing, Isabelle alerted me to come to the town hall since my development permit is now approved and she wants to go over my duties with me. As mayor, I have two primary ways to influence the growth of Ginjro. The first is Ordinaces: By enacting ordinaces, I can change the way the town is run. I am able to choose an ordinance out of a list provided to me - ones that are suited to the needs of the town.  The second way to influence growth is by starting public work projects, which add buildings and features to the town.

Isabelle explained all of this to me and said to come back and talk with her whenever I am ready to get started. I am pretty tired this evening so I am just going to putter around the town a little before I head off to bed for the night.  When I left the town hall, I was greeted by Saharah from a faraway land. He/she tried to sell me wallpaper for 3,000 bells which I respectfully declined. I just thought it was a bit much, but looking back on it...I regret not buying it.

I scouted around town and dug up four fossils for Blathers and I also pulled up some weeds. Three of the four fossils were needed at the museum so I donated the styraco tail, ankylo skull, and a T.Rex tail. I will see the unwanted fossil to Reese at the recycling shop.  After that I went and cut some trees down and in turn planted three lemon trees. I want as many fruit trees as possible!


Wednesday, April 13, 2016: I had another really busy work day so I wasn't able to begin playing until after 9pm. I decided I needed to do things in order of importance so I went and discussed ordinances with Isabelle. At the present time there are no ordinances in effect in the town. To enact an ordinance, I have to pay a fee of 20,000 bells. I decided to sign the "keep Ginjro beautiful" into law. This will become effective tomorrow.  Isabelle asked me if I wanted to discuss any public work projects but that will have to wait for another time.

Eloise asked me if I could catch her any fish that came from the ocean, so I went and caught her a horse mackerel and she was satisfied with that.  Whenever one of the citizens ask for a favor, I try my best to pull through for them so I can keep everyone in the town happy.


Saturday, April 16, 2016: Today was fun! This is the first time I have gotten to play since Wednesday because work has been so busy. This morning I found 3 fossils for Blathers at the museum and I donated them to him. After that I went about the town, picking cherries and lemons, when I stumbled upon a little pouch of some sort. It was just laying on the grass, so I picked it up knowing that someone had obviously dropped it. I was prompted to ask around town to anyone that might have lost it. I asked everyone I came across but nobody seemed to be missing anything. I finally decided to go door to door, and Leonardo's was the first place I stopped in to. Lucky for me, the pouch belonged to him, so my search for the owner was over! It was his magical exercise dust - he loves working out and flexing his muscles, so he will delighted to have found it. :) Mission accomplished! Just another fun day of being the mayor!

I paid 2,000 bells on my mortgage and now have a remaining balance of 96,000 bells. With the money I get fishing, I will have this loan paid off in no time!

I briefly looked into town work projects this evening, and I am really excited to get started on one. I would love to get the fountain for the town. How cool would that be? :) I LOVE fountains!


Sunday, April 17, 2016: Today was a pretty relaxing Sunday, but I have spent most of my time typing out my hand written notes for this blog page. I am finally up-to-date on everything! I started off my day by digging up four fossils, and three of them were needed at the museum exhibit. I donated a Tricera tail, coprolite, and a ptera right wing. After that I went and did some fishing, but I had some stuff to do around the house and some errands to run, so I had to wait till later to start playing again.

I just began playing again shortly after 8pm and it is raining out! It is really peaceful and relaxing listening to the rain fall, and the background music has changed to suit the weather. Very tranquil. :) I sold some fish at the recycling shop and got another 6,000 bells, bringing my balance up to 69,030! Fishing definitely pays off. And Shawn is going to bring me to the island this evening and introduce me to beetle hunting, which is apparently very rewarding in bells.

I had to take a snapshot using my 3DS to show you how lovely the rain is. I think this is actually easier than taking pictures with my iPhone! And look how lovely and clear the photo is!

Peaceful rain in the town of Ginjro

Shawn came over to my town around 8:30 this evening and he came baring gifts! He planted me several beautiful hybrid flowers and set them up so that they will breed and make new flowers. I am soooo happy with them! He also gave me two ax's which will be great for cutting down trees and planting new fruit trees. :) We *were* going to make a trip to the island tonight so I could finally see it, but plans fell through on my part yet again. I will get over there, but there is just so much to do here in Ginjro. I took two more photos this evening; one of myself and Shawn after he planted the flowers, and the other one is of my home after I bought the coconut palm from Reese at the recycling shop. My house is slowly getting decorated! Pretty soon I will have it all glammed up for the Happy Home Academy. :)

Myself and Shawn with the new flowers! Awesome visit!!! My house with the new coconut palm! Also see the blue clock I bought yesterday!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016: Today was a really productive one for me in my town of Ginjro! Much has happened indeed! I started things off right this evening by donating three fossils to the museum exhibit! I gave Blathers a stryaco torso, a parasaur torso, and a ichthyo torso. The other two were already on display so I took them with me to sell to Reese for a good price. :)

On my way through the town, I ran into Mitzi and she sold me some blue flooring, knowing that my favorite color is blue. It looks really nice in my living area and I have taken a photo of how it looks. :)

With the two fossils at my disposal and several cherries and lemons that I sold, I got over 9,000 bells at the recycling shop. This brought my balance up to over 96,000 which was enough to pay off my home loan in full. So that is exactly what I did. I went straight over to Tom Nooks and discussed expansion and he gave me a price of 198,000. It is going to take a while to pay this one off, but I took him up on his offer and my house will be expanded by tomorrow morning. :)

After my business dealings with Tom, I decided to go and talk about the public work projects with Isabelle. I have my life in Ginjro in order so it is time to start contributing to the town more. I have decided to start work on the fountain project, which was my favorite of the choices provided to me. We went and chose a spot for the fountain to be built right away, and we decided to put it right in front of the town hall. It is going to be so great! There is now a little fenced off area with a little creature inside which will take donations from anyone who would like to contribute to the project. I have already donated 560 bells towards the mission, and I will continue to do so each day. :)

Isabelle and I after choosing the spot for the town fountain!

I scavenged the town for more fish, cherries and sea shells and I am already up to having 12,000 bells at my disposal. This town is so plentiful in its resources.... If only real life were as good. :)

The next thing I want to do is go to the island with Shawn to see what all the excitement is about. I may go to the island from Shawn's town since he is able to go beetle hunting over there, and it is VERY worth the bells. :) I am also looking forward to getting started on other town work projects. I am going to see how things go with the fountain project and go from there.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016: Shawn came to visit my town today and donated 70,000 towards the fountain project!! How amazing is that? :) He also cut down some trees for me so I have more space to plant more fruit trees. :)  I found two more fossils today: iguanodon torso and a trilobite. I donated them both to the museum. My house renovations were complete when I started playing today. I really need to decorate my house more now that I have all the extra space. When I started playing earlier, I also noticed that the oranges I planted had grown into trees and were baring actual oranges!! Now I have three different fruit trees. :) I think I need more hehe.

I was in for a big surprise when I shook one of the trees this evening.  A big herd of bees came out and stung me. My eye closed shut from the sting and I had no idea what to do.  Shawn just told me to save and quit and when I came back, my eye was all better once again. ::Phew::

Another thing about today: I seem to be falling down/tripping up constantly whenever I walk or run.  Apparently this is a bad luck day for me, and it happens from time to time. Falling all over the place and then I get stung by bees. Great day... heh.  Shawn thought it would have been hilarious if I had tripped up while trying to run away from the bees. Isn't he just the sweetest guy ever? :P


Thursday, April 21, 2016: I don't seem to be falling down or tripping up today which is wonderful. I donated an Amber to the museum tonight. After that I decided to pay off the remaining balance on the fountain project which was just a little over 27,000. I cannot wait to see the fountain! Don't have much time to play tonight. More to come!


Sunday, April 24, 2016: I haven't had ANY time to visit my town since Thursday. Sometimes real life has to take priority.... ::Grumble::.. Anways, today has been a good one in Ginjro. I began playing late this afternoon to see that work had been completed on the town fountain, and boy is it beautiful. :) I took a photo next to it right away. We had a little ceremony as well and several of the townspeople came and celebrated the new fountain. Isabelle and myself made a little speech and then we set off little fire crackers. :)

Standing next to fountain! Townspeople celebrate new fountain!

I have spent a lot of time picking cherries, lemons and oranges this evening and selling them to Reese at the store. They are very profitable and I am already up to having 47,117 bells on hand again (I had 0 when I began playing today). I am going to put some of it towards a new town project and the rest on my house.

Tonight has been a special one as there are meteor showers happening in the town. There have been shooting stars flying throughout the sky as I play, and they make lovely little twinkly sounds. :) I took some shots that I pictured below. When you press up on the D pad and press the A button at the same time, you are able to make a wish on the shooting star and it looks like I am praying. So incredibly sweet!! :)

First view of the shooting stars in front of my house! Second view just a few steps away from the house.

Shawn came by tonight and came baring gifts as usual! He gave me two blue and two pink hydrangea bushes, some apples, and a silver ax. I planted two apples in hopes that they will grow into apple tress. Then I will have four fruit trees. :) Shawn actually took the liberty of planting the four bushes for me in front of my house. We will see if they grow tomorrow!

Shawn hung out with me in my town for a good hour or so tonight while I updated my blog entries. He had a good look around the town. :) We still haven't gone to the island for beetle hunting, but hopefully will do that soon. I finished off this evening by starting a new work project. Isabelle and I chose the spot for the street lamp. :) I have already donated 1,000 bells towards the mission. It is going to be right next to my house which I am really excited about.

The site of the street lamp work project!


Monday, April 25, 2016: I started playing after work today and decided to pay off the entire balance on the street lamp project. I had the bells on hand so I figured why not?! It will be built by the time I play again tomorrow. :) I was home all evening so I spent all night fishing and then I was struck with the urge to go visit Shawns town, Twin Leaf. I wanted to buy a lamp from his store, but when I got there I was enthralled with all the fruits that were at my disposal. I went on a fruit picking rampage and came home with 79,000 bells (I think I had 40,000 when I went over there). I sold all the fruit to the store keeper in his town, but saved three mango's to plant back in my own town. :) Now I will have five fruit trees!!!

I tried to start another public work project since I paid the street lamp off, but I am not able to start another one until tomorrow. I am thinking about building a suspension bridge so it is easier to walk about the town. Even the townspeople have been asking me to build one, so that is definitely next on my list of projects. :)


Tuesday, April 26, 2016: Today when I came out of my house, the street lamp was there. It is really great looking! And it shines so lovely in the night time. I went to the town hall to discuss building a bridge with Isabelle, and she told me we needed to have a ceremony first for the completion of the street lamp. So we all gathered around the street lamp and had a little speech and then there was a lot of clapping and the little fire crackers and confetti went off again. :)

Celebration of the new lamp post!!

After that I went and discussed a new towns work project with Isabelle at the town hall. I have decided on a suspension bridge for this project, and I have picked the spot directly down from the recycling shop. This will make it easier to walk over to the other side of the river to pick fruit, or to get to the beach faster for fishing. I shall post the pictures when it is completed which is going to be tomorrow BECAUSE Shawn took me beetle hunting on the island tonight which was extremely worth the bells I got when I sold the beetles. I will definitely be going there again soon when I need some quick cash!! :) I forgot to get a photo of the island, but I did manage to get one of myself and Shawn in the boat on our way there...! We are simply adorable.

Shawn and I in the boat on our way to the island for beetle hunting!!!

So all in all today has been extremely productive, and I look forward to seeing the bridge tomorrow. :) I planted more orange and lemon trees tonight, and I am trying to be extra careful not to walk on them. After all my hard work (well... ok not so hard with all the help from Shawn), I decided to buy a nice indoor tree for my house, a small desk chair, and oh yeah I snagged a regal carpet from Shawn's town when I was over there. :P Heheheheh. Gotta love it!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016: I am SO behind on all of my blogs! Not just Animal Crossing, but my Tamagotchi blogs as well. I have been taking notes on paper about my Animal Crossing Adventures so things will get updated (I am writing this on the 29th which I *hate* doing). Anyways Wednesday was a good day! When I started to play that evening I knew work on the bridge was going to have been completed. I went to the town hall to see Isabelle and she brought me to the bridge for yet another celebration! The completion of this project was definitely record timing. I am in love with the bridge! It makes things so much easier when I am walking back and forth to go fishing, or just going over to the other side of the river to pick fruit off the trees. Love love love! Best project yet. And now I have to figure out what to do next.....!

That night I didn't do much in my town except go around and dig up a few fossils which I donated to the museum. I was watching a movie while I played, so it was a pretty lax evening in Ginjro. I figured I would take the night off from any public work projects and enjoy the tranquility of the town. :)


Thursday, April 28, 2016: My birthday today! And not only was I given a party in real life.... I was given one by the citizens of Ginjro. :) They gave me a cake with candles and I was able to make a wish! Then they gave me a present which was a lovely table which I put in the center of my home/living area. :) It was a great surprise and I was really grateful to the townspeople. I didn't have much time to play today because I was busy with real life stuff, but Shawn did come and visit my town and checked to see that there were no weeds. Friday is weeding day so he was nice enough to come and make sure that my town was up to par. :)


Friday, April 29, 2016: Today was another really busy day for me, so again not a lot of time to play. I did check in for a little while and Isabelle told me to go and speak with Leif who was in charge of the weeding day. I spoke with him and he told me that my town was looking really clean which was great to hear. The beautiful town ordinance really came in handy for sure. Was disappointed that I didn't have much time to play but I will be getting ready to work on some new projects soon -- And I am going to have to start buying more things from the shops so that they will upgrade. It is hard work being a mayor. :)

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